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Publié par Jean-Patrick Grumberg le 6 septembre 2012
I. Molho with Netanyahu

 Who are the « good friends » of CNN Jerusalem close to Israeli government? How could CNN find a way around the Israeli regulation that prohibits a foreign journalist from receiving a Press Card if the Network do not hire an Israeli at the same time?

How many more international medias broke the rule, and who helped them?


On February 9, 2012, I revealed that CNN Jerusalem fired most of their Jewish Journalists (Moshe Cohen, Izi Landberg, Avi Kaner, Michal Zippori) and kept the non Jews, in a move that did not help CNN to fix the controversy over its pro-palestinian treatment of the conflict. (1)

On August 17, 2012, I revealed that CNN allegedly violated Israeli regulations when they found a way to get their reporter, Dan Morgan, an Israeli Press Card. To do so, they claimed, according to my source, that since Morgan is ‘on his way to become israeli’, he must already be considered as an Israeli before the law, and he should receive a press card without CNN having to hire another Israeli.

Here it’s important to understand why Dan Morgan was not legally authorized to receive a press card in the first place.

First, as a foreign worker married to an israeli citizen, he received a working permit in Israel, but it does not qualify him to receive a press card as a private person.

To apply for it, he needed to be supported by a Foreign Network. And if CNN recommended him, it means that they allegedly violated the regulation.

Then CNN allegedly broke another law by sending Morgan to Gaza (Israelis are not allowed to travel to Gaza) with his British passport. So Morgan is Israeli ‘enough’ to get a press card without CNN having to hire an israeli reporter, but he is not ‘too’ Israeli to respect Israeli law that forbids traveling to Gaza.

Now imagine what would have happened to Morgan if, when in Gaza, Hamas would have learned that he is married to an israeli woman and ‘on his way to become Israeli’? Fortunately for Morgan, I broke the story, and CNN could not send Morgan to Gaza. His wife can send me a box of Belgium chocolates with a thank you note.

Now here is the new story.

CNN PR emailed me the confirmation that ‘CNN cameraman Dan Morgan is not seeking Israeli citizenship’. How then did he get a press card?

I dug to find who the CNN « good friends » could be, and here’s what I found …

After Sherley (name changed) from the Hasbarah office, rejected Dan Morgan request for a Press card because he did not qualify, she received a phone call from Dov Abramowitz, a lawyer specialized in the fields of telecommunications and media at Shimron, I. Molho, Persky & Co. who, according to my sources, literally shouted at her: « why didn’t we receive Dan Morgan’s Press Card yet? ».

Shimron, I. Molho, Persky & Co is CNN law office in Israel, and Isaac Molho handled Dan Morgan’s paperwork for his press card (I later found out from a source, that Morgan visited the Tel Aviv law firm offices several times). Dov Abramowitz, upset and impatient, was, after all, doing his job.

But remember: Dan Morgan was not eligible for a press card.

Shimron, I. Molho, Persky rings a bell? Attorney Isaac Molho is the special envoy to the peace process, and PM Netanyahu sent him last June to meet in Ramallah with Abbas. On May 13, 2012, at the start of the weekly Cabinet Meeting (4), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: « Last night, my special envoy, attorney Isaac Molho, met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. I hope that we will be able to advance the dialogue between the sides in order to resume the diplomatic talks. »

What a conflict of interest! On the one hand, Molho handles the business of providing CNN with a press card for their foreign journalist, on the other hand he works close to Prime Minister’s Office, and he is Prime Minister’s long time personal attorney, who has a direct authority over the Hasbara administration that delivers press cards…

When my contact later call the Hasbara office about the CNN cameraman press card application that was supposed to be rejected, Sherley (name changed) told him: « prime minister’s office is dealing with it now ».

And Dan Morgan received his press card, in violation of Israeli law…

I learned that other Foreign Medias are watching closely the development, because they too, want press cards for their foreign journalists.

Who are the good friends of CNN? I leave it for you to decide… ;-)

Update: I just learned that this week, CNN decided to fire two other part time Jewish workers at their Jerusalem office: the desk employes. They were told that their contract was changed to « we we will call you if we need you ».

© Jean-Patrick Grumberg for www.Dreuz.info

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