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Publié par Philippe Chansay Wilmotte le 4 août 2011

We are living the end of an era. The social classes which are termed elitist despite their obvious mediocrity and who are mostly  spineless (with few exceptions), have betrayed the citizens of the majority of the Western world.  Representatives of traditional political parties are now programmed, from the Left to the Right, to be inconsequential and given to waffle.

This puppet's role is to maintain the illusion of action whilst doing its utmost to persuade the electorate that not much is really possible due to this or that reason which he has no control over but that, nevertheless, all the best possible outcomes could be achieved if only they were to vote for him.  Artificiality has built a system.  Perversely democracy has degenerated into an oligarchy and policies are implemented in spite of the populations. A referendum which doesn't appeal to the oligarchs? Never mind, let's repeat it until it satisfies!
In truth, beyond this sinister hypocrisy, whole populations are being replaced by others; since muslim communities are increasing in numbers by various mechanisms (family reunion, housing preferences, subsidies for mosques, illegal immigrants usually given the right to stay, etc.) whilst the poorest original citizens find themselves pushed out to other sections, even forced to leave in disgust. Western values are despised on the basis of cultural comparison and to his cost, the citizen's taxes go towards paying for this situation.
Whoever opposes the system is consistently disparaged : the bureaucrats see this not as an opinion but rather as the mere expression of fear.  If you don't like Islam it is because you are islamophobic.  If you question immigration, it is because you are xenophobic. You are denied the capacity of reasoning; you are presumed to be phobic. The only thing missing is a psychiatric ward of the Stalin era.  The very idea that  multiculturalism and immigration can be questioned is in itself inconceivable to them.
From the USA to Europe, especially, new parties are springing up. The establishment call them populist so as to discourage citizens from joining them. To no avail! This so-called elite has brought discredit upon itself. An opposition movement is starting to emerge and it won't be limited to angry people staging sit-ins in Madrid, Liège or elsewhere.
The attacks in Oslo constitute a major turning point. The aggressive attitude of Muslims, from the assassination of Theo Van Gogh to the cartoons scandal –  including numerous other acts of violence and provocation, had so far only resulted in irritation and peaceful protests such as the wine-pork sausage happy hour. Although a minor reaction, it was intolerable for the multiculturalists who vowed to censor these peaceful initiatives. Now the response to the decrees imposed by the muslim activists and their dhimmis is violent action. There will be others like Anderson Behring Breivik.
The murders – especially of young people en masse –  are,  of course, shocking. And no attack  can justify another, because, after all, it is a crime. We condemn the barbarism which is intrinsic to Islam, a barbarism which pushes its most fanatic adepts to terrorist acts. The ignominy is no less when innocent people are assassinated in the name of another ideology.
But to the assassins' vileness must also be added the vileness of their proponents. Usually playing down the importance of islamic acts of terrorism since every muslim terrorist is systematically presented as an exception and since the frequent occurrence of these crimes and other outrages is conveniently forgotten, these disclaimers of the truth were quick to spread the first rumour regarding the Oslo killer when they saw the possibility of mounting a counter-attack to the critics of totalitarian ideologies which so many barbarians take advantage of, such as Islam.
However the relativists and other lovers of Islam will be let down. They all rushed in the one direction, aping one another, belching out their incoherent "fifty-fifty". In unison they chanted "a christian fundamentalist".  The opportunity was too good to miss :"Ah my dear fellow, you see it's not only muslims who do this type of thing.  Christians do the same. Islam is a religion like all others. We can tell you, my dear fellow". Double vileness.
Firstly, that is not the most important point. Young people have been massacred and therein lies the scandal. Close to a hundred victims who, according to the scale of the "fifty-fifty-ists" are reduced to an opportunity to cover up the infamy of the bedouin theocratic system.  A despicable process.
Secondly, this point is irrelevant.  It is not because violent acts have been perpetrated in the name of other groups that Islam would be less belligerent. This vile manipulation of facts is a blatant distortion of the 50/50 portion where a crime perpetrated by a "christian fundamentalist"has the same value as thousands of crimes committed by muslims. This type of unscrupulous subterfuge no longer convinces anyone because people are finally daring to open their mouths and fewer and fewer westerners believe the con that islam is a "religion like all the others".
Having heard that the guy who had admitted to the crimes had described himself as "conservative" and "Christian, the proponents of the politically correct seized the opportunity of manipulating this outrageous simplistic notion and came up with "christian fundamentalist".  Le Monde newspaper (Paris), not disposed to exonerate Christianity in any way, immediately diffused the information via its interactive arm, the Post : Anderson Behring Breivik is a Freemason. Certainly, Masonic Grand Lodges do allow believers to some extent, but no christian fundamentalist is a member of the Freemasons.  So did the hordes of dhimmis call it a masonic crime?  No, instead they continue – and this is inherent to the misinformation initiative – to repeat again and again that this is the work of a christian fundamentalist.
Moreover Anderson Behring Breivik refers to the Knights Templar. Without referring here to the controversy regarding the relationship between the Order of the Temple and the Freemasons let's just say that it is a widely recognised fact and that quite probably Anderson believes it to be valid since he makes mention of both.
Anderson Behring Breivik refers in particular to the military structure of the Knights Templar. The document he wrote "European Declaration of Independence" is proof. The Order of the Temple is one of the most prestigious and distinguished itself soon after the first crusade by conserving the advantages  acquired from its challenge to the Ottoman designs on Jerusalem.
For all that, whether Anderson Behring Breivik be Mason or Christian, the crime was not committed in the name of either Masonry or Christianity; nor in the name of ecology on the pretext that he had an organic farm. Up till now he has not claimed to have acted in support of one or the other movement, whereas on the contrary – and here lies a major difference – muslim terrorists consistently admit their actions were done in the name of Islam. However, for a relativist any argument is possible provided the result is mollifying platitudes.
Not worried that their statements might be misconstrued as improbable since it is a simple matter of putting them out and then stifling the critics,  the politically-correct brigade maintain that the Oslo killer is of the extreme right-wing.  What does it mean? Anderson Behring Breivik advocates the struggle against Islam because it is a Nazi type of ideology and it is true.  Does rejecting Nazism in any form indicate an extreme right-wing affiliation? Whatever path Anderson Behring Breivik may have followed, the struggle against Nazism is the duty of everyone who believes in democracy, however this does not justify the massacre of innocent victims. This duty has, however, been negated so that political correctness can be maintained.
When the wise man points to the moon, the idiot looks at his finger. To focus on the attacks in Norway and to inveigh against them is not enough. Anderson Behring Breivik will attract a following, if he hasn't already done so, as long as this blindness imposed by the politically correct endures.  Elie Barnavi, a diplomat and historian,was right in warning " Whatever is left undone by democrats will be done by fascists". The treason of the so-called élite opens the door to fascism. Political parties claiming to be populist are the alternative to democracy.
But let us not delude ourselves. The conflict between civilisations has existed for years and muslim communities engender many activists who proliferate in the West. Alain Finkielkraut -amongst others – has shrewdly pointed out that the Koran is a book of war. Not surprising, then, that muslim activists who all read from the same book, employ similar tactics wherever they settle (time delay while the group increases in number, then demands becoming more and more insistent depending on the size of their population) and that they persist in trying to modify the Western social structure. These communities are bent on imposing their own rules.
Everything tallies : perpetrated actions and various surveys and let's not forget their archaic mores : the mainstay of islamic communities is the conviction that Islam is superior to the civil code. What's more, solidarity within the umma persists, including in the case of attacks or other crimes against "kufars", in other words, non-muslims. It is the rejection of non-islamic countries. Just as the Nazis favoured the Aryan ideal, a Muslim is to be placed above all others.  And what is becoming more and more intense is the claim to integrate Sharia Law, more or less, gradually, into Western legal systems.  This intellectual collapse created by the politically correct opens a door to them similarly to the way pacifism operated during the rise of Nazism or, ultimately, in the face of Russian communism.
History has a habit of forgetting cowards. Much maligned and turned into a laughing stock initially, Churchill and De Gaulle finally managed to evict Chamberlain, Daladier and their pitiful ilk. The West has built a democratic civilisation, lining up victories one after the other against totalitarianism, and it will also eradicate Islam. No totalitarian political ideology is permissible, even under the guise of religion and Islam is in that number.
For too long Islam has been perceived as an exotic religion and thus its violent practices mattered little, inasmuch as they didn't really concern Westerners. But now with Muslim immigration they are confronted by this form of barbarism. The veneer is cracking. It is not a religion in the Western sense of the word. It is an ideology, theocratic in nature and fundamentally political and totalitarian. For all that, all present-day Muslim model themselves on a political despot : Mohammed. The so-called religion turns out to be a coercive system more like the blind submission to an archaic bedouin code rather than the awakening of a free conscience.
In addition the West is witnessing the appearance on its own territory of cultural practices which are incompatible with present-day democratic values : arranged marriages, intermarriages, veiled or cloistered women, so-called honour crimes, death threats against apostates, increasing numbers of the extension lawless zones, insurrections, excessive criminality, etc. On top of that is the commitment to transform Western society within muslim stipulations in the form of so-called reasonable compromises (e.g. spreading the notion of halal, banning any reference to the Holocaust, segregation at swimming pools, etc.)
Enough is enough. What is left for those citizens who still intend to live a life of freedom and to guarantee that freedom for generations to come?
Globally speaking from the extreme left to the traditional right wing the various parties of the Establishment are pro immigration and pro multiculturalism. Indeed to mask this shocking similarity, rhetoric acts as a veil. In Belgium, the MR, a francophone party claiming to be liberal but undermined by a dubious self-styled humanist current, proclaims to be interculturalist – another misleading rehash on the theme of multiculturalism. Another example in France, the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) operates on different levels : on the one hand Christine Lagarde announced legislation adjustments to accord with islamic finance legislation but others in the party forced a law against the burka whilst others voiced their disapprobation of this within that same party. In Germany, the very same scenario was being played out : within the CDU Angela Merkel started by taking offence with the conclusions of Thilo Sarrazin indicating the persistent maladjustment of Muslim communities to Western societies and the cost of this fiasco. Then she declared that multiculturalism was a failure. Simultaneously, others have voiced the same opinion : Cameron in the Uk, Sarkosy in France and Leterme in Belgium especially.  However all of them are careful not to take concrete steps to remedy the situation. And those are not their only deficiencies in this regard. This class doesn't give a hoot for the people.
Political parties termed populist are very different from this class and therein lies the way for the renewal of democracy. Despite the misinformation tending to denigrate them, or perhaps paradoxically because of it, the animosity that the establishment feels towards them has given them new clout and this so-called populist current is progressing in a ground swell. More and more people in Western countries are joining them.
In a matter of a few years their progress has been very swift and the momentum continues. In the USA the Tea Party movement is well established. In the Netherlands the Freedom Party (Geert Wilders) is number three in the country. Without its support the Dutch government will fall. In Switzerland the Central Democratic Union (Freysinger) is the first party of the federation. In France thanks to the reformist nature of her Party, Marine Le Pen finds herself in the second round of the forthcoming presidential elections and could also claim the majority of legislative seats. In Italy, the Northern League has become a party in its own right within the Government. The Danish Popular Party occupies third place in the House and the Government relies on it, etc.
The establishment immediately manipulated the killings in Oslo. According to its propagandists it would be prudent to curtail criticism of Islam and multiculturalism, on the pretext of avoiding a repetition of the massacre. Once again the system discredits and condemns and via misinformation spreads the rumour that Anderson Behring Breivik is close to the populists, adding that he had been a member of the Progressive Party (Norway), conveniently forgetting to mention how long it's been since he was struck off their roll – in 2006. They proclaim to whoever wants to hear that Anderson claims to be patriotic but forget to mention – as this would wreck their effect – the fact that Anderson Behring Breivik himself claims to belong to the National and Pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement when he thanks his "brothers and sisters" in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Uk, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland and the USA.
What sort of faith can public opinion place in those supporting a system bent on deceiving them?
The crux of the matter is the growing gap between the so-called elite and the citizens.  The less the latter are allowed to be heard,  the more the signs of revolt will announce the knell for this pan-occidental oligarchic regime. It is doubtful that oligarchs will graciously bow to the popular expectations. This is how civil wars start.  Let us pay tribute to those who have fallen, to the victims of the slaughter and to those who are yet to fall…


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