Publié par Guy Millière le 25 octobre 2011


In his speech before the UN General Assembly one month ago, Binyamin Netanyahu referred to the United Nations as the House of Lies and the Theater of the Absurd. He was right, but it we’d do well to go a bit further and state the whole truth: That the UN has become a sham. The Commission on Human Rights is composed overwhelmingly of countries in perpetual violation of human rights, and would more accurately be called the Council against Human Rights and for Promotion of Global Anti-Semitism. Today’s UN General Assembly is a venue where dictators and tyrants have an automatic majority and can pass absurd motions, as well as monstrous texts, such as the one that defines Zionism as racism, adopted in 1975, and repealed sixteen years later. Originally intended to foster peace on earth and to end totalitarian regimes, the UN has become a place where Western democracies are hostage to brutal, barbaric regimes, and the US veto right in the Security Council is the sole obstacle to enactment of abjectly despicable decisions. 
The tribune from which Binyamin Netanyahu spoke is the same one from which other world leaders – including Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy – also spoke during the session. But Netanyahu was the only one to deliver words of truth that unambiguously and concisely stated what needed to be said… yet, unsurprisingly, applause was minimal at best. He’d been preceded by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who’d spluttered his regulatory hateful, genocidal hebephrenic tantrum to a cheering audience of fellow tyrants, thieves and murderers. Recep Tayyip Erdogan was acclaimed by the same motley crew, as he whined bilious but spurious curses and ludicrous threats that are far beyond Turkey’s ability to implement without a war that Israel would handily win in a few days… or hours. Finally – as UN recognition of a Palestinian state that never existed was a featured act of this circus – Mahmoud Abbas aka Abou Mazen wowed the General Assembly with idiotically bald-faced lies and churlish threats… and descended from the podium in triumph, to thunderous applause. 
Western representatives walked out when Ahmadinejad came to the podium to speak. When it was the turn of Mahmoud Abbas, they remained. Many applauded. How was it conceivable that Western leaders could applaud a speech like the one Abbas delivered? Does it mean these leaders endorse forgeries? It appears they do, and that’s a shame. 
Who can fail to understand that when Abbas describes the creation of Israel as a “Nakhba” for Palestinians, he depicts the birth of Israel as a tragedy. He deliberately obscures the war of extermination immediately waged against Israel by five Arab nations. It takes of person can fail to see that when Abbas speaks of occupation of Palestinian lands for “sixty-three years,” he’s saying the whole of Israel is an “occupied land?” Who’d not be indignant hearing Abbas describe the security fence as an “attack” against Palestinians, when everyone knows it’s precisely incessant terrorist attacks committed by Palestinian Arabs that forced Israel to erect the barrier? Who could avoid queasiness hearing him refer to “return of all refugees” to Israel as a condition for peace, as Palestinian leaders have made clear on many occasions that their aim is to submerge and drown Israel in a stream of five million people? 
Why would anyone accept Abbas inventing a license to speak of “Palestinian territories” and “Palestinian people?” Because they forget too easily that the term Palestinian people is of recent coinage, that never in history did there exist any “Palestinian territory,” because there has never existed at any time, anywhere on Earth, a Palestinian nation or a Palestinian state. 
Later, when Mahmoud Abbas returned to Ramallah, the slogans chanted by the crowd were clear: “A million martyrs marching to Jerusalem!” “We will liberate Palestine in blood!” Has no Western diplomat ever heard them and drawn some conclusions? 
In fact, most Western countries – save the United States always excluded – rarely conducted themselves other than disgracefully vis-à-vis Israel, right from its beginning. And the United Nations was a venue where this conduct was often flagrantly manifest. 
When, a year after the partition plan of the remaining land of the Mandate of Palestine, Israel was born, the Western world remained passive observers of the war started by the Arab countries, and Israel's survival seemed a form of miracle. Five UN member countries had simultaneously attacked another United Nations member country, in abject violation of UN rules, and no one raised an eyebrow. 
When the PLO carried out waves of terror attacks that culminated in the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes in 1972, the Western world suddenly felt it was dealing with horrible terrorists and murderers. But when two years later, Yasser Arafat was invited to the UN and gave a speech as loathsome as that recently given by Mahmoud Abbas, no Western UN rep seemed to recall that Arafat was chief of the terrorists and murderers who had killed in Munich and elsewhere 
When the PLO was admitted to the UN as an observer, no representative of any Western country refused to sit alongside the representative of what was still a terrorist organization and gang of murderers. 
When, in 1991 in Madrid, the process that would lead to the Oslo Accords began, Western pressure was instrumental in pushing Israel toward a “peace process” that opened the door to establishment of the Palestinian Authority and a decade of suicide bombings that killed more than a thousand, four hundred Jews. Israeli leaders have bowed to pressure: this does not excuse those who exercised pressure. 
In parallel, speech after speech, the PLO leaders have spread a falsified version of history describing Israel as an artificial and colonial state, and, because it has not been countered, this version of history has spread around the world as if it were the truth.
The fact that all states in the region, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, were born in the fall of the Ottoman Empire was forgotten. The fact that Jordan was created on eighty percent of the land of the Palestinian Mandate supposed to become the Jewish national home, and that Jordan is a Palestinian Arab state were also forgotten. 
The facts are that millions more Palestinian Arabs live in Jordan than in Judea-Samaria, that Palestinian Arabs living in Jordan and Palestinian Arabs living in Jordan are the same people, and that no one had ever spoken of a Palestinian people until the mid-1960s, when the Egyptians and Soviets invented it to market the war for Israel's destruction as a war of “national liberation.” But all this seems to have been erased from too many memories. 
That upon the PLO’s founding, the territory it wished to “liberate” was Israel itself also seems to have been forgotten. 
At the time, the West Bank had been annexed by Jordan, and Gaza by Egypt. If the PLO had dared talk of “liberating” these territories or called them “occupied Palestinian territories,” it would have been immediately annihilated by the Arab armies. 
For many years, the PLO was nothing more than an instrument in the Arabo-Soviet aggression against Israel. 
When the Soviet Union fell, the Western world became the PLO’s major financier, and while the PLO could have disappeared then, the West did everything to save it. 
It is even at this point that the West gave it a promotion, worked to create the Palestinian Authority, and granted the new entity massive financial aid that makes of the “Palestinians” the world’s most subsidized “people.” The Western world presented “peace” with the entity as a priority and forced Israel to “negotiate” with it. This was the most absurd, futile and bloody “negotiation” process of modern times. 
We should really stop believing in fairy tales: The Palestinian Authority has never ceased to embody terror, hatred, and a rabid desire to destroy Israel. It pretends to be less radical than Hamas, but cherishes similar goals, as Mahmoud Abbas’s recent UN speech blatantly attests. 
Israeli leaders are constantly harangued to reach out to adversaries who will never sign a peace agreement because they’re at war, and committed to wage the war until – they foolishly hope – Israel is wiped off the map. 
Accepting the unilateral creation of a judenrein, anti-Semitic, terrorist Palestinian state calling for annihilation of Israel would be a shameful surrender and a negation of all the values the West claims to embody.
It would create conditions in which the very survival of Israel would be at risk. 
Fortunately, the American position makes such a creation impossible at this time. But the pressure on Israel will continue as always. 
Which leader(s) in the West, seized by an onset of moral dignity, will have the courage to affirm that just as the UN has become a sham that flouts international law, the “Palestinian cause” is itself just a sham? 
To maintain the status quo may seem to be the lesser evil, but it’s no remedy for evil. 
It could be an excellent idea to ask Western countries to suspend funding the Palestinian Authority if it continues to ask for a State: the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress recently discussed a law to that effect. 

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