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Disclosure: my mother tongue is: NOT english 😉
Last week, I published a media scandal. I reported that CNN fired most of the Jewish journalists from its Jerusalem bureau, here:
I discovered that CNN bureau in Jerusalem, under the pretext of downsizing, had dismissed four journalists Jews.
After my article got viral, a spokeswoman for CNN contacted me and gave me the order to censor my article IMMEDIATELY. She said that I was misinformed, adding that "there were four Jewish employees at CNN Israel".
In response, I asked her what position those four employees were holding, and the total employees remaining at the Jerusalem bureau.
Unaccustomed to CNN orders not being immediately followed, a PR for CNN took over the conversation. She gave me about the same orders. She did not answer my questions, or gave me evasive answers, turning in circles around the question.
To the question: "Do you confirm that Moshe Cohen, editor, was fired on January 30, after 10 years with CNN. Izzy Lemberg, Producer, about 25 years with CNN, fired on January 30. Avi Kaner, cameraman, fired on January 30, after 10 years with CNN and so was desk producer Michal Zippori?"
CNN's response was: "we do not comment on specific individuals involved in personnel decisions." I wonder why bother to contact me if they have no intention to answer.
To the question: "How many Jewish journalists and how many arab journalists are left in the bureau now? Are you going to replace the four israelis that were fired by four arabs, or by no one? An Arab and an Israeli used to work with each other on subjects, is this still going to be the case? How will you achieve that without Jewish journalists?"
CNN's response was: "There are 4 Jewish employees out of 7. One bureau chief. This information should be reflected in your piece. And we repeat that there is no basis for your question below about "no Jewish journalists". Please amend your piece accordingly."
I restated my question -again-: "Again, out of the 4 Jewish employes now, how many are journalists?"
That was three days ago, and guess what: she never got back to me. And if I did not get an answer, it is because the answer would have unmasked CNN manipulative narrative, and confirm my first article.
Now here is the new scoop. I found the answers that CNN hid, and I give them to you as an exclusive.
True, there still are four Jewish employees at CNN after they expelled four prominent Jewish journalists.
There is one Field producer, full-time.
The second person is an engineer, he deals with computers, satellites, and live broadcasts transmission.
The other two are eight hours per week desk employes, ie answering the phone, and typing cables.
The outcome of this story is that CNN PR, and CNN Spokesperson lied to me, playing with words to make me believe that Jerusalem bureau has four Jewish journalists, and they tried to apply pressure with this deception so that I would censor my article.
CNN: In which closet are you hiding Israeli journalists to ensure honest reporting on the Arab-Palestinian conflict? Who is delivering the propaganda packaged now?
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