Publié par Jean-Patrick Grumberg le 16 février 2012

   I have just received, on February 14th, the information which confirmed, by a judgment about a separate case in the Al Dura trial case, that French State television lied, and condemned the father of Muhammed Al Dura. I have not yet gone through the judgment which I am sure contains important revelations.
  In 1994, Jamal Al Dura had gone through a surgical operation by Doctor David Yehouda, as a result of several wounds inflicted upon him by Hamas men. Jamal is Muhammed Al Dura's father, the boy supposedly murdered by the Israeli army in September 2000. 
  Jamal Al Dura, wounded by Hamas, looked after by an israeli surgeon, found it reasonable to charge the Israelis with inflicting wounds on him, and with his son as an actor, both played a Pallywoodian style fiction, where the child can be seen (not shedding a single drop of blood), dying under the fire of the Israeli Army.
  Holding the camera was a Palestinian working for France 2 channel, and Charles Enderlin, another reporter for the network, giving truer than life comments ( without himself ever being on the spot).
  France 2 distributed the fake scoop, thus unconsciously setting fire on the Middle East, triggering the second Intifada, and the live beheading of Daniel Pearl, the newsman. Jamal showed the whole world his wounds, as a proof of the real slaughter.

Dr Yehouda
Dr Yehouda

  But the surgeon, doctor Yehouda, remembering he had looked after Jamal, published an article proclaiming the fraud, and stated "the scars shown by Jamal Al Dura were not due to Israeli shootout, but to a surgical operation he had himself performed upon Jamal a few years before".
  Yehouda was at once attacked as a slanderer by the father Al Dura: one can still wonder how the latter could have examined the article since he cannot understand French, had we not learned since, that french TV had taken over the court expense and provided him with a lawyer.
  As they took the heavy responsibility for the consequences of the fake scoop, France 2 and Enderlin could not do anything but maintain their lie.
  But two brave men, Philippe Karsenty and doctor Yehouda made them blurt out their lies in court.
  So on February 14th, the Cour of Appeal, as it rejudged Al Dura's "slander", rescinded the Criminal Court's decision, concluding doctor Yehouda was speaking the truth when he accused father Al Dura of lying about his scars.
  The Court decided Al Dura's wounds had not been due to Israeli shootout, as it rescinded the sentence of paying 17.000 dollars (13.000 euros) for damages inflicted by the Criminal Court in April 2011.
  As he came out of the tribunal, the doctor exclaimed: " In December the Court judges were notably far left antizionists, but today's assembly was more balanced so I was able to support my allegations with more equanimity and efficiency.
  Then he added: "From now on, let every Palestinian Arab who would like to spread his lying, nazi, racist, antizionist propaganda know I'll be on his way." 
  But if Jamal Al Dura has not been wounded in 2000 by the Israeli army, then his son could not have succumbed to their shots.
  Ch. Enderlin, who has spent 11 years haunted as he was by a possible eruption of truth, has lied to get glory, but has got out shame.
© Jean- Patrick Grumberg for
English translation: Jean-Claude Busidan

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