Publié par Jean-Patrick Grumberg le 17 août 2012

Earlier this year, I revealed that CNN Jerusalem fired their Jewish reporters and kept the non Jews (1). Obviously, the infamous media bias story did not stop there. It was part of a broader plan.

My sources that are close to the case informed me that Dan Morgan, a British cameraman of German origins, is working for CNN Jerusalem. He lives in Israel, he is married to an Israeli woman, and he is in process of becoming Israeli citizen. For the time being, I was told that he holds a B1 working permit. Now CNN PR told me that ‘CNN cameraman Dan Morgan is not seeking Israeli citizenship’.

So far so good you will think. But wait…

According to Israeli regulations, a foreign media who wants to hire a foreign journalist must also hire an Israeli. That means that if you are say, CNN, and you wants to hire three English journalists, then you must hire three Israeli journalists too.

But remember: CNN fired their Jews.

When CNN applied for a press card for Dan Morgan, they were first denied it, because they did not hire an Israeli journalist.

So they allegedly found a way out with the help of ‘good friends’ in the press administration, and they pretended that since Morgan is ‘on his way to become israeli’, he must be already considered as israeli before the law, and he should receive a press card without CNN having to hire another israeli. Obviously the trick allegedly worked. CNN allegedly violated the law, and Morgan received a press card. Now, remember, CNN PR just updated me with the information that ‘CNN cameraman Dan Morgan is not seeking Israeli citizenship’. How did he get a press card then?

Now CNN decided to send cameraman Dan Morgan to Gaza.

But here comes another problem: according to another Israeli law, Israelis are forbidden to travel to Gaza (for obvious reason: we don’t want another Shalit).

No problem said CNN: Morgan is English, he holds a British passport, so we will send him to Gaza!

But wait a minute. Morgan is ‘enough’ Israeli to get a press card without CNN having to hire an israeli reporter, but he is not ‘too’ Israeli to respect Israeli law and travel to gaza? So CNN wants to benefit from both sides, and they are playing hide and seek with the Israeli authorities.

To add injury to insult, this is a discrimination against the ‘real’ israeli journalists who were fired, because the trick would only work with a ‘semi-foreign – semi-local’, a neither/neither if you prefer (a very Yiddish concept).

Now what would happen to Morgan if, when in Gaza, Hamas would learn that he is married to an israeli woman? CNN Jerusalem has probably the answer, since they decided to play hide and seek both with the arabs and Israel.

I informed CNN in various emails. I told them that I will run my article on Friday afternoon because journalism is about telling the truth when you discover it. CNN answered me that they may send Morgan to Gaza anyway.

This article was sent before publication to the Israeli Prime Minister Office, Foreign Minister Office, Government Press bureau and Tsahal officials.

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