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When Lauren was 2 ½ years old, her mother Cris found her lying in blood-soaked sheets and covered in bruises “it looked as if she had been severely beaten” recalls her father Otto Kyriakidis.

Instead of a normal platelet count between 150,000 and 400,000, her platelet count was 4,000 per cubic millimeter of blood. Her initial diagnosis was I.T.P., but it was later found to be CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficiency), resulting in Lymphogrannulamotus and other immune disorders/diseases.

Lauren inherited both parents’ nonfunctioning RAG gene, generally causing a baby to born with SVID or SKIDs.  Since Lauren is still alive, the thought is that one of the RAG genes was functioning just enough.

In 2009, the National Institute of Health in Maryland joined in to research her unique disease. In addition to weekly treatments at the Children’s Hospital (CHOC), Lauren is also hospitalized at NIH yearly. Up until recently, her family was told there is no cure for her diseases, but now NIH has suggested an immune system bone marrow transplant may save her life.

Are you a match?

In November 2005, her sister Stacie found a lump in her own neck.

A biopsy revealed that Stacie suffers from Castlemans’ disease, a very rare autoimmune disorder characterized by overactive immune cells developing in the lymph nodes. Stacie has already undergone several surgeries to remove part of her lymph nodes*.

The new “Healthcare Overhaul” won’t cover these kids’ lifesaving medical care.

It is true that insurers can no longer exclude people with pre-existing conditions ; but the “Healthcare Overhaul” won’t cover these kids’ lifesaving medical care. We need between $800,000 and $2,000,000 in cash before a Hospital will even begin a bone-marrow transplant procedure (exact cost is yet undetermined).

(Denis Campbell speaking to Otto Kyriakidis on behalf of his daughter Lauren who needs a bone-marrow transplant)

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For more info on the two sisters:

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