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Cincinnati zoo

WARNING! This memorandum could offend many people’s convictions. If you are comfortable with the ongoing trend of the society, skip it; otherwise read it to the very end. Thank you for your understanding.

As governments and condescending pundits are making news that is worthwhile to tell us, I am only interested in minor events, which are under their radar screen; therefore my limited selection of the month.

The last victim at Yellowstone National Park (1) is Colin Scott, a 23-year-old man who died when the thin crust of earth broke under his weight. With his twin sister, he had ventured beyond the safe boardwalk zigzagging through hot springs. Only his flip-flop plastic shoes were retrieved by a rescue team because his remains were quickly dissolved in the hot acid water.

The so-called victim was not a no–brainier tourist. He had worked twenty months as volunteer fielding questions from visitors at the Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve, Oregon. Her boss, Mary Loftin, described him as a “bright man.”

This is a stupid death after the 1300 pages long report was divulged last week regarding the mysterious two-year long search of Geraldine Largay (2). Her remains were found 6/10 mile from the Appalachian Trail in Maine. She lost direction when she left the trail to urinate. She sent frantic messages with her cell phone to her husband to no avail because she was in a dead zone. Finally, she spent an entire month at the same place near a rivulet waiting for help instead of walking to the nearest forest road. Her family was upset when a reporter questioned her sanity. The 66-year-old woman had no sense of direction and she was prone to anxiety crisis at dark according to her physician’s testimony.

Historian Lee H Whittlesey in his book “Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park*,” said:

The Yellowstone park is not Disneyland, Rocky Mountain version. Nor is it a zoo with moats and fences separating the wild and the domesticated. For all the trappings of men, it is wilderness. And the man who fails to accept it as such dies.”

A four-years old boy recently crawled under the fence at the Cincinnati Zoo. The director was forced to kill a seventeen year old gorilla (an endangered species) but some astute observers said he should have shot his uncaring parents. (3)

Welcome to Big Brother society!

Have you noticed the way journalists covered these events follows the same pattern?

  • First, the victim is always described as a “nice fellow” by relatives or neighbors. Even the Kouachi brothers who slaughtered the staff of Charly Hebdo in Paris last January were profiled as nice kids despite their heavy criminal records.
  • Secondly, the responsibility is always deflected toward the society, which does not do enough to prevent their stupid deaths.

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Call it whatever you want (fatality, tragedy, etc…) their death is part of the natural selection that socialists abhor.

Progressives often mock conservatives for their denial of Darwin theory about the evolution of species. However, they are reluctant that this natural selection could apply to all living creatures on earth, including Homo Sapiens.

The consequence of this trend is a massive restrain of freedom. Hikers are tracked and fined if they do not carry a bear canister inside the Yosemite National Park. Passengers are indiscriminately frisked at airport gate despite the vain and enormous cost of such a policy. Everyone knows that a Swedish grandmother traveling to visit her relatives in Minnesota is not a national threat. Profiling of potential terrorists is the only effective measure but it is banned for political correctness.  A Republican candidate has braved the political correctness while saying he wants to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the country. Not all the Muslims are terrorists but all the terrorists are Muslims.

Unfortunately, the list of restriction of freedom will be too long to enumerate. “1984” of George Orwell was indeed a prophetic book. Only the wording has changed – “newspeak” is replaced by “political correctness”- but the result is the same with a totalitarian society tracking deviant citizens.

Brexit could unleash the reborn of freedom in Europe

The referendum organized in the United Kingdom on June 23rd has thrown European politicians and pundits into panic with the last poll showing that Brexit is foreseeable for a large majority of British citizens. It will not be the end of the world as they proclaim but the reborn of freedom inside a technocratic and totalitarian European Union, which rules every part of our life, even the most private, with a European directive fixing the amount of water released in our bathroom faucet.

British voters will render a big service to other European nations who are denied this elementary right in a democracy.

Thank you my pals from the bottom of my heart, and God save Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip who turned ninety-five-year-old yesterday! Amen!

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