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Tom Simpson before the Chalet Reynard of Mount Ventoux
Tom Simpson before the Chalet Reynard of Mount Ventoux

It depends more on your stamina than on your political conviction in that ruthless battle

Opinion polls show an enduring lead of the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. After the republican national convention held in Cleveland, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton were in tie. It was the first time that the mocked duck became a real threat to the establishment.

However, the pendulum swung back to the left when Donald did a damaging remark after the staged intervention at the national democrat convention of the Khan family whose son was killed in the Iraq war. His father Khizr Khan pulled a small version of the constitution from his pocket, and holding it up in front of providential camera operators, he offered to lend it to Donald while lecturing him on liberty and equality. It was a master moment in the campaign. Interviewed by journalists who wanted to trick him, Donald made a stupid remark about the mute Muslim wife. Never launch an ad hominem attack against a grieving family! Political correctness can be sometimes an embarrassing moral issue.

Following Khan’s intervention, sales of pocket constitution spiked to the second place on Amazon bestseller list. The sudden interest to the constitution was an ephemeral reaction. I noticed the same thing after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. There were piles of the Koran at the defunct Borders bookstore on Broadway near the devastated area.

At the very least, some Americans wanted to know the truth about Islam, which is touted by journalists for a religion of peace and tolerance.

If it were true, why are so many massacres committed in the name of allahu-akbar, (God is the greatest)? However, journalists are always pretending that Islam has nothing to do with violence. How many of these parrots of political correctness have made the elementary effort of reading the 114 surahs (chapters) of the Koran in order to sustain their claim? I did it a few days after September 11. Since that ominous start of the clash of civilization, I am despaired that so few people admit the threat posed by Islam to our Judaeo-Christian civilization. The French writer Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986) once said: « The biggest plague of mankind is not ignorance but the refusal of knowledge.« 

Medias want to obliterate the presidential campaign while asserting that Hillary’s victory is as a done deal

The air is saturated by the propaganda. The only thing, which I miss in our internet era, is the use of military planes dropping leaflets inviting Republicans to surrender. Is it time to give up the fight? Not yet my friends!

The psychological warfare is counterproductive

The more it is aired, the more people will be galvanized and united against the establishment! Citizens who do not like particularly the sharp-tongued of the duck will rally behind the standard-bearer leading the charge.

More, the middle-class knows that America is on the wrong path for a long time. Only the super-rich people approve the crony capitalism that the Clintons have nurtured through their foundation.

The Clinton foundation is a genuine pay-to-play operation. The message is simple: “Write us big checks if you want some favor in return when I will be in the oval office desk.” It is sad that the wealthiest man in America who is nicknamed the “wise man of Omaha” is rooting for crooked Hillary. Where is his proclaimed ethic of doing business?

In a surprising moment of clarity, the Clinton foundation has said yesterday that major donors will be prevented from contributing under a self-imposed ban on corporate and foreign donators if Hillary won the White House. I denounced vigorously that schemed pay-to-play operation in my last article written in French language. However, the self-imposed ban is not dictated by my humble contribution to the debate but the outrage caused by the editorial of the Washington Post. (1)

The Clinton couple has no equal in American history except Bonny Parker and Clyde Barrow during the great depression

Do not trust the last pledge of Hillary! The Clintons will never surrender their schemed operation that has made them so rich and powerful. The success of their long political career started with a fraudulent real estate investment in the Whitewater affair in the 1970s. Their perennial luck in trials has made them impervious to any criticism. When Hillary is backed into a corner, she laughs impudently at the accuser, let it be a journalist or a Congressman of the Benghazi commission despite the death of four American diplomats. Hillary laughed about a rapist’s light sentence. She lacked empathy to his victims. Some psychiatrists are calling her a sociopath.

Hillary’s fiery character made the White House a battlefield during her husband two-term’s presidency.

What will be the White House if she was elected in November? The answer lies in the past.

The Travel Office was a perennial institution of the White House, which dated back from the Andrew Jackson administration. It had served faithfully both democrat and republican presidents.

Travel Office director Billy Dale was charged with embezzlement by Hillary but found not guilty by a federal grand jury. In 2000, independent counsel Robert Ray issued a final report but he sought no charges against Hillary despite her improper direction of government business, cronyism, and testifying falsely about seven fired employees.

What is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

Ronald Kessler has written a book entitled “The First Family Detail” about the dark life at the White House during the Clinton presidency. There are many damaging stories in that book but I will focus your attention on only one issue.

The small stuff folks at the White House let it be ushers, cooks or housekeepers, have served indifferently republican and democrat presidents. They are not concerned by the spoil system, which give jobs to the winner. Since the presidency of Grover Cleveland, only eighteen people had held the coveted job of usher at the White House. There were only two reasons to leave the job: retirement or death. (2)

One day, the usher Christopher Emery was asked on the phone by former first lady Barbara Bush. Like every old person facing new technology, Barbara was unable to use properly her new computer at her summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, and she asked for his help. When Hillary learned that Emery had helped the former first lady, he was immediately fired. The White House refused that the chief of Emery, Gary Walters, testified before a Congressional subcommittee whose Republican members had hoped to ask about his abrupt dismissal. Emery with a four children family remained unemployed for almost a year.

Hillary was as much despotic with the persons in charge of her security

She threw a bible at the head of a secret service officer. She once told another agent who wished her good morning to “go to fuck himself.” The engaging and smiling Hillary in front of cameras became an enraged beast as soon as they left her. This strange case of doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde was confirmed by all the secret agents interviewed by Kessler.

Nevertheless, journalists are only concerned by Donald’s manners. What a shame to the American democracy that journalists do not offer a balanced view of both contenders to the White House! There is an obvious reason behind their partiality. Donald rejects the rules of the game, namely the political correctness, and many Americans are fed up of that twisted behavioral code of conduct.

Will Hillary’s health doom her ambitious political career?

The perennial luck of the Clinton couple has not been enough for Hillary. She has been coveting the oval office desk since her early days of lawyer hired at the Watergate commission in 1973. Her former job of first lady has not staunched her thirst of power and command: quite the contrary despite her defeat against Obama in the democrat primary in 2008. In her second attempt against Bernie Sanders eight years later, she has bragged about her supposed qualities of commander in chief who could be waked up by any call in the middle of the night. It was a cruel allusion to her grumpy and older challenger.

However, Hillary’s health does not match her ambition of becoming the first woman elected president of the United States. She suffered a brain damage before Christmas 2012. Contrary to her self-affirmation, there are sequels of her concussion, which are repeating at an alarming rate in that demanding campaign. Several videos on her disturbing symptoms are going viral on the web. (3)

Hillary Clinton’s health condition remembers me former professional cyclist Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson was climbing Mount Ventoux, Provence, in the stage of the Tour de France on July 13, 1967. Like Hillary Clinton, he was heavily doped in order to keep up with the best climbers of his time. Unfortunately, it was a hot day, and asphalt was melting on the road; not a good omen for his solicited organism! After the steep and terrible slopes under the Chalet Reynard where the reported temperature reached 120°F, cyclists faced a different harsh environment in the last six kilometers separating them from the giant of Provence culminating at 6276 feet. That desert zone with shining white rocks, which look like a huge snowy field from far away, is due to high winds matching those encountered on Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Oxygen is limited in that harsh environment.

The brave Simpson was zigzagging in a small group one minute behind the leaders when he fell. Unfortunately, he was put back on his bike at his own request by two men from his Peugeot team. He managed to ride 500 yards farther up before collapsing on the burning asphalt. Despite mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before doctor Dumas provided him an oxygen mask, he remained unconscious. He was pronounced dead after his transport in helicopter at the Avignon’s hospital.

Doctor Dumas could not reanimate the dying cyclist

Nota Bene

At the end of the year, I will retire in a hamlet facing the giant of Provence that I climbed for the first on August 20, 1972, with the same Peugeot bicycle used by the late Tom Simpson. Today is August 20, which is Saint Bernard day in the roman calendar. What a strange coincidence!

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