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American friends have asked us to introduce Mama Toumani Kone to the American audience, wishing she could one day perform live before them.

Mama Toumani Kone is a woman who represents a continuity of Africa Mandingo speaking in Bambara.

Since the age of eight, Mama Toumani tours Mali alongside her father, Toumani Kone, and with his team after Toumani Kone left us.
There is no town and no little village in Mali which has not received and listened Toumani Kone’s « voice of the Hunters » (« Dosso » in Bambara).

Mama was with her father in each of these concerts, held amid a population reviving – with Toumani Kone – the Mandingo epic embodied by its villages warrior protectors.
Mama Toumani continues her father’s legacy. In her way, she illustrates the dual adage that « who has no past has no future » and that « the future has a long past. »

Mama Toumani Kone is like her father Toumani Koné: the Mandingo’s Hunters resumption. And they return her the favor. On Feb. 27, 2016, Malian « TV Energy » offered Mama a trophy representing the traditional musical instrument her father was using, during a rally at the TV channel’s headquarters, with a thousand Hunters.

Mama Toumani Kone – « Mama » as she is affectionately named by her fans and all those who love and appreciate her talent, her unique voice and her Mama music- continues her father’s legacy: to assert the Mandingo’s continuity. But she is more than that: she creates her own songs, lyrics and music, expressing different aspects of Mali; and she plays with the musical instrument she inherited from her father. She plays other instruments too, notably the guitar.
Mama is open to different musical influences, especially the so powerful and emotionally charged, the child of Africa: the blues, loaded with not so distant suffering.
Mama currently works on a Malian themes album, that she plans to record in Paris France, within a few weeks. She is also working on an album dedicated to Blues.
We expect to welcome her in Paris for these appointments.

Mama Toumani Kone’s ambition is to tour the US, in order for the American public to discover the Hunters, these leading figures of the Mandingo empire of Sundiata Keita and it’s well alive lineage.

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