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Publié par Bernard Martoia le 15 novembre 2016

Louis XV by Maurice Quentin de la Tour

Mainstream media was sure enough of Donald Trump’s defeat before the third and final debate that moderator Chris Wallace could not avoid asking him that condescending question. “Will you accept results on November 8?

He retorted confidently, “I will tell you at the time.” Nobody knows what would have happened if Donald Trump had lost the election, but one thing is sure since November 8: Hillary Clinton supporters do not concede her defeat.

Obama legacy is in tatters

President Obama has violated presidential election customs.

First, he gave in public his negative opinion on the Republican candidate. Worse, he did it at an international conference (G20 summit) when he reported that heads of state and governments were alarmed.

Secondly, he and his wife Michelle, and vice-president Joe Biden have campaigned overtly for the democrat candidate. Obama repeatedly said that Trump was unqualified. He still thinks he is after their meeting at his urging at the White House on November 10. Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that Obama’s unfavorable opinion has not wavered a bit. Therefore, Obama duplicity is confirmed by his Press Secretary despite his hypocritical friendly gesture in front of cameras.

A troubling parallel between Louis XV reign and Obama two-term presidency

President Obama is playing golf whereas civil unrest is growing alarmingly through cities, including Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, California, and New York City. Cars are vandalized, shop windows are smashed, and a car-driver beaten by a mob in the streets of Chicago is filmed by his hilarious assailants.

Historians have depicted Louis XV as one of the weakest of the Bourbons, a do-nothing king who left affairs of state to ministers while indulging in his hobbies of hunting and womanizing. French debt, which went out of control under his reign (1715-1774), was the detonator of the French revolution in 1789.

On January 20, 2009, when Obama was sworn in, the national debt was $10.626 trillion. Today it is $19.78 trillion. The federal debt to gross national product ratio is 104%. Congressional Budget Office director Keith Hall said in 2015: “Government debt threatens to send US economy into death spiral.”Obama has never broached that issue. His only concern was to increase budget and debt ceiling. Obama makes his own Louis XV famous quote “Après moi, le déluge” (after me, the flood!) The quotation was attributed to the king’s mistress madame de Pompadour. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama has no mistress at the White House. It is a scant consolation for 43% American taxpayers!

Flat tax versus progressive tax

57% Americans who don’t pay income tax are not at all concerned. Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election because he singled out these free-riders. Donald Trump tax policy will not fix that enduring discrepancy between taxpayers and free-riders. The solution is FLAT TAX, which is still a cuss word in socialist America. Russia and other Eastern Europeans countries who suffered Communism have established the flat tax. It has stopped the demagogy of unending federal budget increase and debt ceiling.

The Obama profligacy is the privilege of US dollar, which has replaced the British sterling in international transactions in the 1920’s. Nothing is eternal in a fast changing world.

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