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Nov. 6, 2012 - Losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivers his concession speech to an audience of Republican supporters on the ballroom floor in the Boston Convention Center, the site of the Romney-Ryan election night headquarters. Photo by Billie Weiss.

Mainstream media lampooned the unprepared Donald Trump transitional team who visited the White House west wing last Friday. “Its members are woefully ill-equipped for the task of governing America within ten weeks.

Despite its shellacking last Tuesday, mainstream media has not lost its bravado.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are a good match

As the elected president has no political experience, he has delegated to the vice-president the tedious task of selecting a list of cabinet members. The first decision was to find the White House chief of staff. The choice of Reince Priebus, his successful campaign manager director, was not a surprise. As I wrote last week, the powerful Democrat campaign machine with its 350 paid staff members was defeated by a Lilliputian twelve-member team led by Reince Priebus. Quality is better than quantity!

The second choice is not surprising for the job of White House chief strategist. Stephen Bannon was the second in command in the remodeled presidential republican campaign team. As soon as his name was aired, mainstream media found that he was a racist. Ex-wife of Stephen Bannon accused him of making anti-Semitic remarks. But mainstream media outrage is a good omen because their enemy number one will be at the White House next January.

The third choice is also a good one. Lieutenant colonel Michael Flynn has been named national security advisor. He was also in the Republican campaign staff. Flynn knows our enemy number one. He has aptly called Islam a “cancer.” President Barack Hussein Obama has never condemned repeated mass murders with Allahu akbar screaming (God is the greatest) “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism,” repeated ad nauseam the President and mainstream media parrots. Flynn is also a cyber-security hawk. Let imagine what would be US national security if hacker-friendly Hillary Clinton has been elected president. …

The fourth choice for Attorney General is a surprise. Rudolph Giuliani was an obvious one after his devotion to Trump during the campaign. Nobody expected Jeff Sessions. Unsurprisingly, mainstream media castigates that choice while saying that the Alabama senator is “too racist for the job!” Wait a minute! Did the current Attorney General Loretta Lynch not violate the American constitution while meeting former president Bill Clinton on the tarmac of Sky Harbor airport? Did she not nix two indictments regarding Hillary Clinton for espionage and racketeering? Did mainstream media not stay mute for that scandal which is much worse than Watergate?

Trump needs neither lessons nor sermons from partisan mainstream media but he made a mistake when he accepted to be interviewed on 60 minutes show on CBS. Lesley Stahl pleaded mercy for Hillary Clinton. Trump was embarrassed by her wicked plea. Never provide ammunition to the enemy! Ignore mainstream media, which lost any credibility for trying to elect a criminal at the White House. Keep your word by choosing a special prosecutor to indict Hillary Clinton. Her place is neither at the US Senate nor at the Clinton mafia foundation but at Sing Sing Correctional Facility for life imprisonment.

Mitt Romney for the coveted job of Secretary of State would be a big surprise because he has copiously lambasted the villain duck. However, Romney would be a great asset for Trump government because he has the perfect demeanor for the job with his shining white teeth, perfectly combed hair, and gracious smile. Do not forget that many liberal European leaders are horrified by the villain duck victory! Who else can cajole them better into doing something favorable to Donald Trump?

The fifth choice is a good surprise because Mike Pompeo who has been tapped as CIA director is a member of the Tea Party movement. He is also a member of the House Intelligence Committee and the House Select Committee on Benghazi. He will replace John Brennan who has violated Hatch Act when he said in an interview with the New York Times on August 5: « Between now and then, I will do everything I can to ensure that Hillary Clinton is elected as our 45th president. » Unfortunately, removal is the only penalty authorized for violation of the Hatch Act for John Brennan who has served six American presidents during a 33-year career at the CIA.

Wishful thinking for filling remainder slots

Wishful thinking goes for Ruddy Giuliani at the Homeland and Security Department, presidential republican candidate Ben Carson at the Health Department, and campaign press manager Kellyanne Conway as White House press secretary. Foreseen as a possible contender for Attorney General, republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz would be a perfect match for replacing US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

CNN journalists are outraged for the lack of « diversity » for the first five choices of Trump who are exclusively white males. Wrong! A government should be the best team serving the country, and not an exact representation of minorities and sex equality like Obama government. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has lot its moral duties when it gave in to director Spike Lee who boycotted the 2016 Oscars ceremony over lack of nominee diversity. Talent should be the only criterion in selecting Oscar nominees or Federal government members. Ben Carson and Kellyanne Conway deserve to be in Trump government on their personal records, and not on their skin color or sex. Positive discrimination should be banned at all levels, from school to the US Supreme Court!

No doubt that partisan mainstream media will keep bad-mouthing but it has lost its moral duties after trying to elect a criminal at the White House. It is just an annoyance like buzzing mosquitoes. Zap from channel to channel until the buzzing stops!

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