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Publié par Mylene Doublet-O'Kane le 23 mars 2017

What’s going on in the first Democracy in the world? Is there a silent « soft » coup being orchestrated in the back of the American people?

The persistent mainstream media’s narrative trying to link President Trump and campaign team to the Russian government echoes the tremendous effort being deployed by the Democrats/ Liberals in order to create a domestic and international political environment such as it will make it quite impossible for President Trump to govern in the end.

Donald Trump is no fool. However, who are the true friends? Who are the enemies? Not that easy to find out. Men are men, and greediness crosses the aisles so very easily. Indeed, among the Neocons and the Republicans, some particularly skillful at covering their tracks happen to serve the regrettable secret plot of well-identified foes. In addition, in the heart of the intelligence community, factions or mercenaries obviously help them carry out their anti-democratic task. A discontinuous accumulation of ‘Fake news’ aiming at a presidential impeachment clearly objectifies the pathological obsession of a coalition of particular interests known as the ‘Deep’ State.

What we’ve noticed from the broadcast of testimony by FBI Director Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers before the House Intelligence Committee on March 20, 2017 made it clear that the Democrats, Comey and Rogers intend conflict with Russia.

Besides, when FBI Director Jim Comey claimed that emails on Republicans were not released during 2016, he misled the U.S. House Intel Committee. Please, review the piece of evidence below. (courtesy of WikiLeaks): dcleaks.com

Now, regarding accusations made by President Trump in his tweets that president Obama wiretapped his New York City Trump Tower residence before the November 2016 presidential election, would you believe Comey’s testimony before the House Select Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian interference during the elections, when he declared:

…. »Neither I nor my agency has any information to support such claims […] No president has the ability to unilaterally order a wiretap. Such an operation must go through a court process and be ordered by a judge ».

In the very same way, would you have any trust in National Security Agency Director –Admiral Michael Rogers- when asked about the procedures that could lead to spy on a U.S. citizen? These were some of the questions:

Q .… »Who could give such order? Under which circumstances could a U.S. citizen’s identity be unmasked? Who could disseminate it? »

Here was his answer:

….. »It could be another element in the intelligence community, another element in the NSA, a military customer who is reading some of the reporting. It could be a policymaker. I apologize, there was one other point I wanted to make, but I lost the thread in my mind. I apologize ».


Then, several questions arise.

Does a man who loses the thread in his mind after two sentences really fit the job he is in charge of? For the record, this Obama’s appointee is the Director of the NSA. Furthermore, since the procedure is classified, how can military customers incidentally read ‘some of the reporting’? As for a policymaker, did Mr. Rogers mean that one of them at least didn’t comply with ethical rules? If so, wasn’t it part of his job to track him down? Rogers was sworn into office in 2014.

Then, what’s going on at the NSA? What’s going on at the CIA, while it has come to the public awareness that the agency lost control on the majority of its hacking arsenal at some point during the past year, including malware, viruses, Trojans… wikileaks.org

What’s going on at the FBI? Where is the solid evidence that supports a Russian interference into the 2016 elections?

Yesterday, a bombshell came as a shock, when the House of Representatives Intelligence Chairman, Devin Nunes, suddenly decided to make a public statement:

none of this surveillance was related to Russia or the investigation of Russia’s activities or the Trump team.

….. » So first, I’ve recently confirmed that on numerous occasions, the Intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump’s transition. Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no apparent intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting. Third, I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition team members were unmasked. And fourth and finally, I want to be clear, none of this surveillance was related to Russia or the investigation of Russia’s activities or the Trump team. The House Intelligence committee will fairly investigate surveillance and its subsequent dissemination to determine a few things here, that I want to read of:

  1.  Who was aware of it?
  2. Why wasn’t it disclosed to Congress?
  3. Who requested and authorized the additional unmasking, whether anyone directed the Intelligence community to focus on Trump’s associates and whether any laws, regulations or procedures were violated. »

Mr. Nunes didn’t inform President Trump prior to his statement.

During his daily Press Conf. briefing, Sean Spicer said that a meeting with President Trump was scheduled later in the afternoon. If Nunes’ questions didn’t directly target President Obama, WikiLeaks however smartly released a fascinating document proving Obama and Bush’s extensive history of ‘wiretapping’ leaders, their staff, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and more: wikileaks.org

After reviewing the previous elements, an accumulation of concrete evidence is proven:

  • Spying on the Republican Party was effectively conducted during the presidential campaign.
  • Contrary to what Jim Comey declared before the Intelligence Committee, Republican emails were released during 2016.

Remember that indications of collusion against Bernie Sanders between the Clinton campaign and the DNC during the primaries had prompted Republican nominee Donald Trump to speculate the general election might suffer from similar improprieties. Remember that Donna Brazile finally admitted on March 19, 2017 that she gave Hillary Clinton questions prior to the debate. – wikileaks.org

  • Furthermore, on various occasions, the Intelligence community ‘incidentally’ collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump’s transition,
  • Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no apparent intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.
  • Additional names of Trump transition team members were unmasked.
  • None of this surveillance was related to Russia or the investigation of Russia’s activities or of the Trump team.

Then, when on March 4, 2017, President Trump accused Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower, was he wrong? He tweeted:

« Is it legal for a sitting President to be ‘wire tapping’ a race for president prior to an election? »

The obvious question is: Could President Obama order such a felony? If yes, on which legal ground? Remember that we’ve already proven that President Obama has an extensive history of wiretapping on World leaders & organizations. It has also recently come to the public awareness that Hillary Clinton campaign staffers bribed six Republicans in order to ‘destroy Donald Trump’. (Courtesy of WikiLeaks)


The Russian Tale

So now, here we are. What about the famous Russian tale? Remember that after Candidate Trump warned that the elections could be rigged by Russia, boasting President Obama mocked at him while ironizing:

…… »If you start whining before the game’s even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job because there are a lot of times when things don’t go our way or my way ».

Right. Meanwhile, the very next minute after Donald Trump was elected, the sore losers happened to be his own team which started blaming somebody else’. Here, started the hysterical narrative of Russian hackers, then Putin having interfered into the elections.

After months of silliness, pathological fixation and unsupported stories, Jim Comey finally admitted that he had no evidence of Russia’s interference before the Intelligence Committee hearing. Nevertheless, as irrational as it can seem, on which ground did he then state with Rogers that Russia was still the main threat to the US? Both of them falsely declared that Russia invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea by force after breaking international laws.

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What the heck? Are these people knowledgeable?

You cannot be propelled at the top of an intelligence service if you have neither substantial history knowledge nor comprehensive understanding of the Russian culture. Or, can you?

  • Do these two amateurs know that Crimea has been a part of Russia for 300 years?
  • Do they quite understand that the population is almost completely Russian?

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine became independent. However, Crimea – which had been transferred from the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic by Nikita Khrushchev in 1954 – was part of the transfer on the condition that Russia had a long term deal on the naval base in Crimea. When the Democrats, the Liberals and a coalition of Neocons decided to orchestrate a coup to overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, back in 2014, the goal was to discredit and demonize Vladimir Putin not only in the eyes of Europe, but more substantially in the eyes of his own people.

The ‘change of regime’ ideology was as absurd as baseless. These kinds of tricks could never work in Russia. The Russian people have been through a lot in their history. However, from slavery under Tsars to a revolution, from a world conflict during which were lost 20+ millions of souls to the collapse of the Soviet Union, this people developed what’s been lost on the way in the western world: a tremendous solidarity and an unconditional love for their land, with the strong will that it remains Christian.

Should have they been respected, they would have provided an invaluable assistance to the United States.

After Kiev’s coup, the populations in Crimea and in the new republics of Luhansk and Donetsk were attacked and threatened by neo-Nazi factions. In these regions, the populations voted to an extraordinary rate (96%) to reunite with Russia. Furthermore, as Crimea is the Russian Navy’s Black Sea base – as it’s never stopped being- Crimea was therefore already occupied by Russian forces.

The fact that Comey and Rogers referred to ‘the invasion of Crimea by Russia’ objectify that they are either ignorant or deliberately continuing to disseminate the Democrats’ political narrative against facts.

Not to mention the desaster caused in Libya, Obama orchestrated the Syrian spring in 2011. In the very same way, he orchestrated the uprising in Kiev in 2014. The damages are immense. The Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas are now trying to orchestrate a Machiavellian coup against President Trump who repeatedly refused to present Russia as the biggest threat for the free world, all through his two years’ campaign.

Let’s face it, the Cold war era is over.

The myth is dead for good. After decades of pernicious propaganda, people have opened their eyes wide. Political Islam constitutes the major peril for the survival of the Jewish-Christian civilization. Little by little, it has grown like a cancer into the western world. Radical Islamic terror attacks are conducted on our lands on a daily basis. Obama and the EU leaders have repeatedly refused to name a cat, a cat. Why?

Europe has rapidly become an unsafe continent. Yesterday’s terror attack in London mustn’t mislead anyone. If it is obvious that the threat can come from abroad, the heart of the situation lies within many European countries. For decades, the narrative of a ‘Humanist tolerant European union’ has covered a simple

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