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Publié par Bernard Martoia le 17 août 2017

The United States of America are gradually dissolving into the same pattern as the Indian sub-continent on August, 15, 1947. New expert’s predictions range from 5% to 90% for a new civil war.

In my last book published in March, I ominously concluded: Beyond the contested personality of the two candidates, the 2016 presidential election opposed two irreconcilable Americas. The old one, mostly white and conservative, does not want to die; and the new one, mostly colored and liberal, does not accept her defeat. All the ingredients for a new civil war are out there. (1)

The clash between armed factions in Charlottesville, Virginia, shows the chain of events that can trigger a second civil war.

Leftist intellectuals agree that conditions for a new civil war are out there

According to Foreign Policy (2), five conditions are gathered for a new civil war: entrenched national polarization, increasing divisive press coverage, weakened institutions, notably Congress and the Judiciary, abandonment of responsibility by political leadership, and the legitimization of violence to solve disputes. The New Yorker magazine acknoweldges this alarming situation. (3)

However, both sides reject the responsibility on the other camp

Mainstream media unabashedly said that a white nationalist rally was responsible for the riot in Charlottesville. Liberal journalists ordered that the President recognized that unilateral violence. Donald Trump played Pontius Pilate when he answered that both sides were responsible for the bloodshed.

As usual, mainstream media did not inform correctly the public; it did it partially and inaccurately.

After months of public debate, Charlottesville’s City Council voted to rename Lee Park as Emancipation Park and Jackson Park as Justice Park on June 5, 2017. It is crucial to explain it for understanding the trigger of the violence.

The Daily Progress (4) said that the vote was preceded by the removal of two left-wing activists from the council chamber. The radical left did not accept a debate with the opposition. After Kessler and Heyden were repeatedly interrupted in the council meeting, police officers escorted the two left-wing agitators out of the room. Veronica Fitzhugh and Jeff Fogel were charged with violence against Jason Keller. Fogel was charged with simple assault and Fitzhugh with misdemeanor assault. Kessler accused Councilors Wes Bellamy and Kristin Szakos of colluding with anti-fascist activists.

Charlottesville vice-mayor Wess Bellamy is not Martin Luther King

He tweeted this rant on December 20, 2009: “I DON’T LIKE WHIT PEOPLE SO I HATE WHITE SNOW!!!!! FML!!!! (5)

In substance and in form, his tweet is deplorable. Regarding the form, the author only used capital letters, which is the equivalent of shouting. Secondly, he overindulged in exclamation points, which was detrimental to the message that he wanted to convey. He forgot the letter e at the end of the adjective white. On the facts, he made a comparison between a color skin and snow, and a tautology with white snow.

Nevertheless, Bellamy was elected to the Charlottesville City Council on November 3, 2015, where he received the most amount of votes of the three other supervisors. Despite his poor writing record, he received a doctoral degree from Virginia State University on August 11, 2017, on the eve of the riot. (6) What’s a coincidence!

Whether Bellamy offended a race, which is dismissed by political correctness on the ground that racism and bigotry only concern white people; I am forced to take the defense of snow.

Is there anything cleaner, fresher, and purer than snow on earth? Nobody has forced Wess Bellamy to live near the snow-capped Shenandoah Range in winter season. If Bellamy hates snow, why does he not return to the continent of his ancestors? Of course, we advise him to avoid Tanzania, which hosts the snow-capped Kilimanjaro, and the reading of The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway. (6) Outside snow-capped Atlas Range in winter season, or glaciated Mounts Kenya and Kilimanjaro, Bellamy’s snow phobia will quickly vanish in the heat of the African continent.

We will excuse the author for his use of FML acronym, which stands for “fuck my life.” We understand that snow can be a phobia for people who have been swept by an avalanche. As a victim of such powerful force whilst skiing in French Alps on January 4, 1986, and remaining buried under twenty feet of snow for more than an hour and a half before a rescue team dug a tunnel to pull my legs, I am better placed than Bellamy to understand what snow phobia is. Survival rate declines quickly with time and snow layer. In my case, probability did not exceed 1% but science is vain to explain that divine miracle. However, my faith in the Lord is in turn an abomination for Freemasonry, which is reigning in France.

Make a clean break with the past is the trademark of the French Revolution

In the debate preceding the Council vote in Charlottesville, Kessler said, “You don’t give a damn about white people. You are implementing policies, which are displacing us in our home country, and we will not be allowed to survive. You don’t even recognize our right to exist.”

Mason Pickett, a city resident, asked why the councilors have not condemned the left-wing activists for their confrontational tactics. He ominously said before the unrest, “This group’s irresponsible and dangerous tactics will ultimately result in the serious injury or death of someone if it does not stop this pack-like behavior immediately.” Pickett was alluding to Showing Up for Racial Justice, a group that has been responsible for initiating violence against the opposition.

Councilor Kathy Galvin said she had seen hate coming from both sides. She added, “If we do not listen to each other, we will devolve into some of the worst kind of violence that we’ve all seen before in human history.”

The French Revolution morphed into the Terror when the Comité de Salut Public voted a law on September 17, 1793, that provided reward for denouncing people who were suspected enemies of the revolution. (7) Thousands of people were guillotined after a summary trial.

Karenne Wood, a descendant from the Monacan tribe, suggested that Lee Park was replaced by Monacan Park. Of the 2600 name suggestions that were submitted to the City Council in an online survey, 2200 were in favor of Lee or Jackson. But the radical left remained deaf to the public opinion, and Lee Park was replaced by Emancipation Park and Jackson Park by Justice Park on June 5, 2017. It behaved as if nothing had happened between 1861 and 1865, as if no blood had streamed into Antietam Creek on September 17, 1862.

The radical left is toppling statues, renaming parks, erasing history, and rejecting its responsibility in the escalating violence on the curse opposition. It is the same process as the French Revolution whilst mocking the elected president, and eradicating the past in order to build a new society. The white conservative and heterosexual male has not his place in that totalitarian world. He must fight for his life or flee the country.

The French Revolution was the matrix of genocides, which started with the infernal columns (8), led by the French revolutionary general Louis Marie Thureau, which exterminated the population in Vendée because of their allegiance to the Royalty and the Christianity. The French Revolution was the model of Lenin, which led to the genocide of twenty millions of people in Russia.

The American radical left is not modeled on the French Revolution in 1793 or the Russian Revolution in 1917 but on Saul Alinsky’s tactics that were described in his manifesto Rules for Radicals. (9) Even though the means differ from the other shore of the pond, the escalating violence will lead to the same result with millions of Americans dying in the ensuing long march toward a safe haven zone.

Contrary to the first civil war, there will be no winner, no loser in the second one. I envision a dislocated North American subcontinent on the same pattern as the Indian one after its independence from the United Kingdom on August 15, 1947. The West Coast will form Californiastan (Pakistan), and the East Coast the Northglastan (Bangladesh), and the rest of the country the Christianstan squeezed between the two coastal countries.

In 1947, Muhammad Ali Jinna wanted a separate state for Muslim minorities disseminated in Pakistan and in Bengladesh, and Jawaharlal Nehru a state for the Buddhist majority. In 1971, the Eastern Pakistan seceded from the Western Pakistan after a massive disobedience movement.

In 2017, American radical left is not accepting the election of Donald Trump, and is leading a massive disobedience movement through sanctuary cities.

The parallel with the Indian empire’s collapse is obvious to people who are familiar with world history.

The French philosopher Raymond Aron (1905-1983) said, The men are making their history, even if they do not know which one they are doing.

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