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Publié par Bernard Martoia le 24 septembre 2017

Global warming experts such as singers Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé, actors Jennifer Lawrence and Mark Ruffalo, have claimed that Hurricane Irma was the consequence of global warming.

History of major land-falling hurricanes in Florida contradicts their claim

Courtesy of Roy Spencer, professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, this chart shows unambiguously the number of hurricanes, and their wind-speed at landfall in Florida since the turn of the twentieth century.

There were 25 major hurricanes making landfall in Florida between 1900 and 2017. Therefore, one can extrapolate that the probability of a major hurricane, making landfall, is one every 4.68 years. Others finish their race in the cold waters of Newfoundland.

Contrary to mainstream media, hurricane Irma was not the most powerful, but the one which occurred on 1935 Labor Day with the highest wind-speed of 185 mph. The lowest pressure recorded in continental United States was 882 mbar with the passing of hurricane Wilma in 2005.

The most devastating hurricane was Okeechobee in 1928 with an official death toll of 1,826 recorded by the Red Cross.  75% of these victims were migrant farm workers, and many of their bodies were washed deep into in the swamps and never recovered. Because meteorology was in its infancy, there was no way to alarm the population in advance of its landfall. Casualties were much higher, probably 2,500 victims, because Florida officials did not want to deter nascent tourism.

When I hiked the Florida Trail section from Key West to Ocala National Forest, a 600 mile long adventure, I visited the Clewinston museum on January 17, 2011. I was the sole visitor, and the director was an affable man, who explained lengthily to me the decision of building the Herbert Hoover dike on the shores of Lake Okeechobee. The waves due to the hurricane were ten feet high, and flooded an area of 75 miles wide.

Hurricane Irma has more impact on the imagination of people because mainstream media has covered on live its landfall. Therefore, it is easy to brainwash people with global warming propaganda.

More, there were only 300 residents in Miami when the city was incorporated in 1896. Before the twentieth century, the population in Florida was limited to Seminole tribes. Nowadays, it exceeds twenty million people, and most of them living on the two coasts of Florida, and along the Keys where the impact of hurricanes is the most devastating with high waves and high tides.

Global warming specialist Pope Francis is mistaking hurricane categories and their impacts. Off course, hurricanes are more devastating nowadays because population and infrastructures have increased a lot, but it does not signify that hurricanes are more frequent or more powerful than in the past.

The busiest period was between 1940 and 1960 with 7 hurricanes making landfall.

Bad luck for French President Emmanuel Macron who has defended the Paris climate change agreement at the opening of the General Assembly. Irony of history, that busiest period of hurricanes making landfall coincided with the coldest winters recorded in the twentieth century.

Adolph Hitler rejected the failure of Operation Barbarossa on harsh winter conditions. German field marshal Fedor von Bock, the commander of the Army Group Center during the attack of Moscow, reported to Berlin that the temperature was -45°C (-49°F) on November 30, 1941.

Courtesy of general Erhard Raus, commander of the 6th Panzer Division, who kept track of the daily temperature in his war diary, we know that the winter of 1941-1942 was the coldest of the twentieth century. The average temperature dropped to -38°C (-38°F) during the 4-7 December period. Coincidentally, his Panzer Division could not go further because grease froze in motor engines. Armored vehicles had to be heated hours before use. Too bad for the most advanced German division, which was only thirteen miles from Moscow; German soldiers could see Saint Basil’s cathedral in the Red Square to no avail.

History has taught us another lesson after Napoleon entered Moscow on 14 September 1812

It is rather easy to invade the plains of Russia but very difficult to retreat from it. Of the 680,000 soldiers of the Great Army that crossed the Neman River on 24 June 1812, only 70,000 returned to Vilnius, Lithuania, on 14 December 1812. Blame that decimation to a relatively mild winter according to Russians. Alike Hitler, Napoleon made the assumption that his successful campaign would be concluded before the winter season.

In War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy depicted the harassment of the Great Army by Cossack during the retreat. Latecomers who could not catch up with the protective pack, died from hypothermia, and Cossack’s unceasing skirmishes on the rear-end. The Russian general Kutuzov admitted that his army was not strong enough to attack the Great Army, but he bled it unceasingly alike a wolf pack. With the help of partisans, the equivalent of a division died in the woods every night!


Progressive and conservative people disagree on global warming because they do not share the same time-frame

Conservative people share a long history, whereas progressive people always want to start again with a clean state. The toppling of statues in Charlottesville is a textbook of their will of erasing the past. Because it is always a new promising dawn for these revolutionaries and ideologists, their time-frame is always changing.

Ideology aside, there is a profane reason for the difference between progressive and conservative people. Progressive people have a short time-frame because their referent does not exceed their life expectancy. Their limited referent prevents them of making sane comparisons with the past.

Conservative people are able to understand that their lives are part of a long historical chain, which is superseded with climatic changes. It started with Noah’s Ark, the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative by which God saved Noah and his family from an engulfing flood. Some experts link that sudden flood with the breach of a natural dam, which would have occurred in Dardanelles straight after an earthquake. The waters of the Mediterranean sea would have swept into the current Black Sea, which was an arid land under sea level at that time.

Because progressive people put so much value in human life, they are unable to admit that they are part of a whole system whose center is the solar. Despite their enduring faith in progress, their arrogance defies the Copernican Revolution.

More, astrophysicist Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University in London has predicted a new ice age in the 2030s. Solar activity would decline 60% according to her model. She has discovered a new magnetic field at the surface of the sun. When the two magnetic fields (center and peripheral) are synchronous, solar activity is maximum, and black dots at the surface of the sun are very few. On the other hand, when the two magnetic files desynchronize, solar activity is reduced equally, and black dots at the surface of the sun are abundant.

For her major discovery, Valentina Zharkova would have deserved the Physics Nobel Prize in 2015, but she did not get it because her theory destroys global warming propaganda. Scientists claiming that global warming is irrefutable are working in public institutions funded by governments and international institutions such as the United Nations.

With apologies to those who believe in global warming due to human activities, their pretense has no counterpart in history.

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