Publié par Bernard Martoia le 11 janvier 2018

In this unprecedented video, alligators are showing  strong survival skills as swamps are frozen solid in North Carolina.

Volunteers are hammering ice in order that gators can breathe because their snouts cannot break the thick ice layer covering swamps.

Have you noticed that gators cannot breathe without the help of volunteers?

However, it is not anymore the concern of mainstream media journalists. Last year, they were alarmed that gators were moving northbound because of global warming. The Charlotte Observer asked: “Are alligators inevitable for Charlotte’s lakes as summers get warmer? (1) Because the reality contradicts their fallacy, they are mute today.

Understand if you will anthropogenic global warming touted by liberals, progressives, democrats, environmentalists, former President Obama, former Vice-President Al Gore, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and 23 useless and costly United Nations Climate Change Conferences paid by European taxpayers who cannot have their say.

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