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I am a climate-skeptic who belongs to a Neanderthal tribe that is overwhelmed by progressive propaganda whose goal is the same as socialism was in the thirties: « The Road to Serfdom » (1).

Philosopher and economist Austrian Friedrich von Hayek wrote this essay in  dark hours when two evils, National Socialism in Berlin and International Socialism in Moscow, fought each other in 1943.

A friend of mine wrote me recently:  » Hi Bernard, Sorry to be sending you this email but I really don’t wish to hear your comments about global warming any more. As far as I’m concerned there is global warming – why there is may well be a question open to discussion. There is also global pollution. I’m sorry you dispute global warming but, if you must send out your one-sided comments, please remove me from any future mailings which include them. »

I am not an expert but I keep a log of snowfall and temperature with an excel sheet. (2) After several snowfalls starting as early as 7 October on the surrounding mountains in Ubaye Valley, the one on November 24 seems to become permanent in Jausiers at 4000 ft. Last winter, the snow only became  permanent on December 7. Therefore, permanent snow in my village is two weeks in advance this winter. Ski resorts will open this week-end. It is not fun to start the car engine a quarter of an hour before departure in order to scrape ice or snow on windshield.

Courtesy of NASA website (3), sea ice surface is growing again after a nadir reached in 2012. The hottest summer in Europe was in 2003. Nine years elapse between that hottest summer and ice sea retreat because oceans are slower to adjust to temperature’s change. The inertial mass of oceans is huge.

In July 2015, astrophysicist Ukrainian Valentina Zharkova made an important discovery (4) that was ignored by mainstream media because it contradicted anthropogenic global warming. She discovered a peripheral magnetic field at the surface of the sun. She explained that the two magnetic fields worked as a giant dynamo. When the two fields are synchronous, black dots are minimal onto sun’s surface, and radiation is in full force. When the two magnetic fields desynchronize, which is the actual situation, black dots  multiply, and radiation dwindles. Zharkova predicted the coming of a new ice age, similar to the one when Thames and Seine Rivers were frozen. Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp painted solid frozen canals where people safely ventured onto it.

Despite riot in Paris and road blockades everywhere in France by Gilets Jaunes (yellow jersey) living in the countryside where car is vital, and who cannot ends meet because of high gas taxes imposed by a green and socialist coalition, French president Macron has decided to create a climate’s council. Despite obvious signs of global cooling, the conceited young president persists in his error.

In former Soviet Union, the Pravda (the truth) was the official newspaper. In Macronia, the truth will be dictated by the climate’s council. More sinister to the French democracy, the minister of culture prepared a law on “fake news” that was voted by the House of Representatives but rejected by the Senate. Hence the government will dictate what the truth is, and arrest and prosecute dissidents, particularly those on websites, because newspapers and televisions are already subjugated to Big Brother.

Big Brother (5), the fictional character and symbol in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, is no more fictional in Western Europe. It is embodied by billionaire George Soros who is betting huge sums of money in order to elect candidates that are rooting for his devilish Open Society, which is destroying our borders, and helping illegal migrants to invade Europe through non-governmental agencies. Macron was his successful candidate in France in 2017.

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