Publié par Michel Gurfinkiel le 1 avril 2020

As the Covid-19 crisis intensifies and covers the globe, we learn more about human psychology.  We discover, or rediscover, how easily we deny facts, how difficult it is for us to anticipate foreseeable events. 

We see how often leaders fail to lead when administrative routines break down; we find out anew how little self-discipline there is among our neighbors.  We find reasons to be dismayed by humankind’s folly and mediocrity.

We realize also, under crisis circumstances, how many wonderful people there are among us, and everywhere else. They do not stay idle, they take the longer view; they seize the initiative, dedicate themselves to higher ends and to others. We perceive Man’s immense mental and moral resources.

As the Bible teaches us to distinguish between those who fear God, and those who don’t, so we see today the difference between those who fear for their own lives, and the lives of their families and neighbors – and those who, from pride or folly, are unable to fear anything.

The inability to feel fear is, we are reminded by this crisis, a major impairment.

Reproduction autorisée avec la mention suivante : © Michel Gurfinkiel .

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