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Massive fraud has been hatched, long in advance, in the swing states to avoid the repeat of the shameful defeat in 2016.

The Washingtonian swamp went into a panic mode when the socialist Bernie Sanders went on a winning streak in the primaries. It had no other choice than betting on the old nag. Unfortunately, the latter recently bragged about a massive fraud without his informed knowledge.

The video (1) went viral. Despite its brevity, it is very educational. It divulges that the puppet has been coached diligently by Obama. The former president, a community activist, learned the ropes of fiddling vote results. He was in good hands at Chicago with Saul Alinsky’s legacy.

The best way to steal an election is through a mail-in ballot vote

A Bernie Sanders die-hard with no horse in the presidential race felt compelled to divulge, in the vain hope, that states would fix the glaring security breaches in mail-in ballots. (2) Democrats did not want a fair election, but to trounce Trump. The end justifies the means.

The Democratic party has morphed into a Fascist party

It does not want a fair democratic process but absolute power. The US constitution, the ultimate shield, will be dismantled. It longs to erase the college vote by states and replace it with a national vote.

The first step will be the packing of judges inside the Supreme Court. (3) It is not an idea out of the blue. After his triumphant reelection in 1936, Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed reorganizing the Supreme Court by adding a new Associate Justice each time one reached age 70 and failed to retire. Asked often during the campaign, Joe Biden has stubbornly refused to answer that crucial question, which matters to Americans.

The swamp has a remedy

Unfortunately, the grabby old nag is not a reliable puppet for the swamp because his brain works sporadically. His subconscious spills the beans now and then. In February 1988, Biden suffered two-life threatening brain aneurysms. (4) Partisan and complacent journalists are mute on his poor health condition that renders him unfit for the most challenging job.

Under section 3 of the 25th amendment of the US Constitution, the mentally ill Joe will be quickly discharged of his duties, thereby making the vice president Kamala Harris as acting president.

With the blessing of billionaire George Soros and his pals in the Silicon Valley, California, Harris will be a perfect president for dismantling Trump’s legacy, starting with the wall at the southern border.

Events are speeding up in favor of an Orwellian society

« Never waste a good crisis, » declared Winston Churchill. Our freedoms are shrinking at a rate of knots with the help of useful idiots in mainstream media.

The coronavirus pandemic gives an advanced taste of it. People are forced to wear masks, to respect social distancing, and to remain confined at home for months. Secluded elderly died in droves in nursing homes. Denunciation of neighbors, hefty fine, handcuff of reluctant citizens is the new norm.

Life expectancy has not changed despite the propaganda

Thanks to generous donations offered by big pharmaceutical companies, the French government has banned hydroxychloroquine. The Plaquenil box of 30 pills was on sale at 4.17 €, when Sanofi launched it in 2004. (5)

Remsedivir from Gilead does not heal patients but destroys their kidneys. Nevertheless, Gilead set the price for its drug at $2340 to $3120 based on insurance policy. (6)

Professor Didier Raoult from the Mediterranean Institute, Marseille, has declared that Africans are better treated than Europeans and Americans. They are not victims of greedy big pharmaceutical companies and corrupt politicians.

Africans take the cheap chloroquine for the prevention of paludism. Hundred of millions of Asians and Africans have been treated with it. Still, the French government and the governor of New York state have declared that hydroxychloroquine should not be administered to patients before a randomized test should prove its safety against a placebo.

Professor Raoult is a maverick against the establishment. Despite relentless and despicable attacks against his reputation, he is ranked number one for communicable diseases in the world for a long time. (7) Ranked 36 before the pandemic, Anthony Fauci is now number 12.

An early treatment with Raoult’s combo therapy (hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin) shows a benefit for 64% of patients, but only 26% in a late treatment. 162 studies across the world confirm that average benefit for patients (8) There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.

Since I am a helpless spectator of the tragedy unfolding on both shores of the Atlantic Ocean, I pray for Archangel Michael, the saint warrior, to defeat those abominable forces of evil. Amen!

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