Publié par Bernard Martoia le 14 novembre 2020

Since the mail-in ballot is a Pandora box to all kinds of shenanigans, it was banned in France in 1975. 

Constitutional right review

The list of reasons to discard the mail-in ballot is long: non-matching signature, missed deadline, voter signature missing, witness signature missing, deceased voter, already voted, non-registered in the electoral district, wrong jurisdiction, wrong precinct, no identification card copy, among others. … (1)

The mail-in vote was replaced by a proxy vote in France to avoid countless frauds. The Absentee fills an authorization form allowing a registered citizen of the same electoral district to vote for him on Election Day.

Since the US presidential race has been tainted by massive fraud in several key states, the vote’s recount and the appeal to State court or Supreme Court will neither provide an exact tally nor a fair ruling. The American voting system is broken: pure and simple! Whoever will be the declared winner, his legitimacy to conduct the country is in tatters.

A new presidential election should be held, as soon as possible, while banning mail-in vote and sending foreign observers, commissioned by the UN, in polling places.

Of course, it would be a total disgrace for the nation with the “manifest destiny”(2). But is there any other option for avoiding a devastating civil war with commensurate economic and political implications abroad?

At the United Nations Organization, New York City, the Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (3) offers electoral assistance for decades. You are lucky: it is on the premises. Call on the UN for assistance!

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