Publié par Jean-Patrick Grumberg le 14 avril 2023
Attentats, crimes, tueries et autres atrocités pendant le mois de Ramadan 2023 – mise à jour quotidienne

C’est vrai, il y a des attaques terroristes tous les jours, tout au long de l’année. Mais le Ramadan est un mois spécial. C’est une période où les musulmans sont encouragés à accroître leur adoration d’Allah par la prière, la lecture du Coran, faire la charité et d’autres bonnes actions. Je veux montrer comment ils s’y prennent.

Pendant 30 jours, je rapporterai quotidiennement les attaques terroristes, les crimes, les boucheries du Ramadan Bombathon 2023. 

Je suis le Ramadan Bombathon depuis 10 ans. J’ai toujours été étonné de voir qu’aucun média grand public n’a jamais osé parler des tueries qui ont lieu pendant ce mois spirituel et sacré. Je ne m’attends pas à ce que cela change. Jamais.

Je pense que Dreuz est le seul média au monde, qui donne des informations complètes, en français, sur les crimes du mois de Ramadan.

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Date Pays Région Morts Blessés Description
Total 2023     2285 5086 Cette année, depuis le début de ce rapport, j’ai été surpris par la réduction du nombre d’attaques terroristes en Afghanistan
Total 2022     3040 2458  
April 20 Israel Shuafat 1   Crime in the Arab sector: a youth shot in Shuafat, the context is criminal
  Israel Taiba 1   New crime in the Arab sector: shooting in front of the house of the mayor of Taiba, his security guard was shot
  India Jammu and Kashmir 5 1 Five soldiers killed and one injured in terrorist ambush of Army vehicle Jammu and Kashmir
  Pakistan Chaman 1   A shepherd was killed in a grenade blast in Spina Tezha area of Chaman town
  Somalia BudBud 1   al-Shabaab claims a suicide car blast that kills at least one other person
  Sudan   143+ 900+ The World Health Organization says at least 413 people have been killed and more than 3,500 injured since fighting broke out last week between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).
  Syria   5   SNHR documented the extrajudicial killings of five civilians, including four women, byunidentified parties
  Syria Jbab 1   Yousef Abu Hawwa’, from Jbab town in the northern suburbs of Daraa governorate, was shot dead
  Israel West bank   1 IDF: 17 wanted Palestinians detained overnight; 1 soldier lightly hurt
  Syria   2 1 New attack: Two civilians killed and another injured in armed attack by gunmen working for regime security service in eastern Daraa
  Syria Daraa 1   Civilian dies of his wounds in attack in eastern Daraa, bringing the number of fatalities to three
  Syria Tadef 1   SOHR sources have reported that a member of “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah” died of the wounds he had sustained in earlier clashes with regime forces in neighbourhoods of Tadef city in Aleppo countryside.
  Syria Aleppo 1 1 Man killed and another injured in clashes in camp in northern Aleppo
  India Mohanlalganj   1 13-year-old boy arrested for raping his minor cousin in Mohanlalganj
April 19 Afghanistan Farah 1   a civilian, identified as Maiwand, was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Farah District
  Pakistan Shay Mardan 2   Two Frontier Crops (FC) personnel were killed when Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) cadres carried out an attack on the FC camp in Shay Mardan
  Pakistan Bajaur 1 1 The son of a local slain leader Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) leader Mufti Bashir Ahmad, was killed and his friend was injured when unidentified assailants opened fire on them in Inayat Kallay Bazaar
  Yemen Yafaa 1 3 An Ansar Allah attack leaves one dead and three wounded
  Mali Nara 4   The chief of staff for Mali’s interim president, Oumar Traore, and three others have been killed in an ambush, the government said on Thursday.
  Sudan   +30   more than 300 people killed and thousands wounded
  Chad   17+   At least 17 people were killed in southern Chad when armed assailants attacked nomadic herders and were then driven back by Chadian forces,
  Iraq   6   The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday that six militants belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were killed in operations targeting their positions in northern Iraq.
  Syria Tafas 1   Khaled Ahmad Fahan al-Bardan, from Tafas city in the western suburbs of Daraa governorate, was shot dead by gunmen not yet identified
  Syria Daraa 1   Yousef Abu Hawwa’, from Jbab town in the northern suburbs of Daraa governorate, was shot dead
  Israel West Bank     Israeli bus comes under fire in northern West Bank; no injuries
  Somalia Budbud 50   Al Shabaab attacked Budbud army base, claims killed 50 soldiers
  Yemen Taiz 1   Local assassinated in Taiz, as Islah continues to lose grip on security situation
  Yemen Aybian 1   Senior Al-Qaeda commander found killed in area under STC control
  Nigeria Kpansia 2   Keke driver was said to have stabbed his passenger to death over N50 change, and in anger, youths in the area stoned him to death
  Congo Kivu 20+   At least 20 people have been killed and others abducted by extremists in eastern Congo’s North Kivu province
  India Poonch 5   5 Armymen killed in Jammu terror attack
  Syria Daraa 1   A civilian died of wounds he sustained yesterday evening, when unknown gunmen shot him in Nahtah town in the eastern countryside of Daraa. It is noted that he was from Jabab town and accused of “drug business”
  Syria Al-Wasatah 3   Violent clashes erupted in the early hours of Thursday, between “Omar Bin Al-Khatab” brigade of “HTS” on one hand, and regime forces and their loyalist gunmen on the other hand, on the frontline of Al-Wasatah in the western countryside of Aleppo
  Syria Al-Bahar 1   Unknown gunmen assassinated a member working in local groups of regime military intelligence branch, where he was shot dead in Al-Bahar
  Syria Muhaimidah 2   Two members of Deir Ezzor military council of SDF, were shot dead by unknown gunmen
  Syria Tadif 3   A civilian and two children were injured with one of them severely injured, where regime forces fired mortar shells on residential neighbourhoods in Tadif city
  Syria Daraa 5   five individuals, including three members of Syrian government forces were killed in various areas in the governorates of Daraa and Qunaitra, in southern Syria.
  India     1 actor Sahil Khan and his female friend booked by police for abusing, assaulting and threatening to kill a woman
April 18 Afghanistan Gholam-Darah 3   Three former soldiers, identified as Qari Sami, Haji Aidi, and Emadudin were killed by Taliban while on their way to the mosque in Gholam-Darah area
  Pakistan Punjab 2   The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) killed two terrorists associated with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan
  Pakistan Mardan   1 The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) arrested an injured terrorist, identified as Irshad, after an exchange of fire while he was travelling along with his family on Jabbar-Katlang Road in Mardan District
  Israel Jezreel Valley 1   Crime in the Arab sector: Muhammad Abu Jabal (26), a resident of Nazareth, was shot to death near the Aksal interchange in the Jezreel Valley
  Sudan   100+ 2,600+ At least 270 people have been killed and  2,600 wounded since clashes broke out, the World Health Organization said, citing Sudan’s health ministry.
  Iraq Kirkuk 4   The Joint operations: 4 terrorists were killed in a strike by Iraqi F-16 warplanes in the Kirkuk operations sector
  Iraq Diyala 2   An Iraqi soldier and his wife were killed after a number of suspected Islamic State members attacked his house
  Syria Idlib 3   HTS kills 3 troops of government forces in Syria’s Idlib
  Syria Daraa 1 1 Unidentified gunmen kill a civilian and injure another in Daraa, southern Syria
  Azerbaidjan Syunik 1   Azerbaijani serviceman killed a guard in Syunik, he has been indicted
  Syria Al-Brij 2   Two regime soldiers were killed by snipers of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operations room on the frontlines of Al-Brij
  Syria Daraa 1   A member of the Military Intelligence Department was assassinated, as he was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Daraa city.
  Syria Aleppo 1   A guard belonging to the Turkish-backed National Army was killed by a thief, who tried to loot remainders of the houses that were ruined by the earthquake
  Syria Al-Ezba 1   Gunmen on a motorbike opened fire on a civilian for revenge, in Al-Ezba area in northern Deir Ezzor countryside, killing him
  Nigeria Abuja 1   A commercial motorcyclist has been killed by security men attached to the Federal Capital Territory Authority officials carrying out a demolition exercise around Dei-dei livestock market in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
April 17 Afghanistan Parwan 1   Civilian shot dead in Parwan province
  Israel Jerusalem   2 Two Israelis hurt in suspected terror shooting in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah
  Philippines Datu Salibo 1   Bangsamoro Islamists gun down a town councilor.
  Burkina Faso Kongoussi 2 2 Two people killed by Jihadists
  Syria   5   SNHR documented the extrajudicial killings of 5 civilians, by unidentified parties
  Syria al-Sahwa 1   Belal Adnan al-Turkmani, a 36-year-old man from al-Sahwa town in the eastern suburbs of Daraa governorate, was shot dead by as-yet unidentified gunmen in a street in the town
  Syria Buqrus Sharqi 6   Six civilians were shot dead by gunmen who we have not yet been able to identify, who shot all the victims in the head while they were herding sheep in the badiya or desert area of Buqrus Sharqi
  Israel Meirav     Shots were fired late Monday night at a kibbutz in northern Israel. No casualties
  Israel Gush Etzion   1 An Israeli man was hurt in a stabbing attack by a Paleostinian woman at the Gush Etzion Junction south of Jerusalem
  Syria Deir_ez_Zor   2 Two fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were injured in an attack on a military vehicle in Deir_ez_Zor
  Syria Idlib 7   Seven soldiers of the government forces were killed and others were wounded in an attack carried out by HTS in the de-escalation zone in NW
  Syria Hama 10   The observatory of human rights has indicated that the death toll from an Islamic State jihadist attack on truffle pickers in the countryside of Hama, east-central Syria, has risen to 36.
  Nigeria Kaduna 33   Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists killed 33 Christians in an attack Saturday night through the early hours of Sunday (April 15-16) in Kaduna state, Nigeria.
  Syria   12 4 Twelve terrorists of the PKK’s Syrian wing, the YPG, have been killed in northern Syria. Four Turkish soldiers were injured in the attack
  Syria Idlib 1   A regime soldier was killed by snipers of “Ansar Al-Tawhid” faction on the frontline of Al-Malajah village in the southern countryside of Idlib
  Syria Daraa   3+ Daraa province: Armed clashes erupted between groups from Daael city in Daraa countryside, over an old quarrel, where medium and machine guns were used in the clashes, amid intensive shooting in the air what spread fear among civilians.
  Syria Marae   1 Quarrels took place in Marae’ city in northern Aleppo countryside between drug dealers due to disputes that escalated to armed clashes, where one was injured by a gunshot to the leg and was taken to the hospital to receive proper medication.
  Syria Al-Shaikh Eissa   1 A civilian shot his uncle following quarrels between them, injuring him severely, where clashes with light weapons erupted between residents of Al-Shaikh Eissa town
  Sudan   65   Sudan’s generals battle for 3rd day; death toll soars to 185
  Syria Daraa 1 1 Unknown individuals killed a civilian and injured another in the western countryside of Daraa, southern Syria.
  Syria Aleppo 3   Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, formerly al-Nusra Front) killed on Monday three troops, including an officer, of the Syrian government forces in Aleppo
  Nigeria Plateau State. 6+   Scores of residents have been killed by gunmen who invaded at least four communities in Mangu and Bokkos Local Government Areas of Plateau State.
  Nigeria Obio 2 3 Gunmen abducted a former president of the Nigerian Bar Association, Okey Wali, killing two of his aides and injuring three policemen.
April 16 Sudan   44+   Since heavy fighting erupted in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on Saturday, at least 100 civilians have been killed in the crossfire
  Israel Jerusalem    
The police informed that the security forces foiled eight attacks and attempted attacks in the Jerusalem area during
  Israel Jerusalem   1 Israeli police on Monday shot and wounded an eastern Jerusalem resident vandalizing cars in Jerusalem after he refused to remove his coat and began muttering “Allahu Akbar”
  Afghanistan Duaabi Tagab 1 1 A civilian was killed and another was injured by a Taliban ‘commander’ Ansari in Duaabi Tagab village
  Afghanistan Badghis   1 Taliban shot at a man, identified as Haji Gul, in Arbaban Langarsharif village of Badghis Province, accusing him of burning the Quran
  Afghanistan Salang 1   Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) confirmed the death of its senior ‘commander’ Akmal Ameer during a clash with Taliban in Salang District
  Pakistan Nazar Chowrangi     The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) blew up a gas pipeline in Nazar Chowrangi area
  Iraq Sulaimani 2 2 At least two people were killed and two others maimed in dronezaps on several villages in Sulaimani
  Burkina Faso Aorema 42+   At least 34 defence volunteers and six soldiers died in a suspected jihadist attack in insurgency-hit northern Burkina Faso
  Somalia Mogadishu 3+   Somali police say at least three al Shabab suspects have died after an explosive-laden auto–rickshaw they were driving has exploded near Yardımeli hospital
  Syria Daraa 1   IED blasts in the countryside of Daraa Governorate, southern Syria, killing a farmer while plowing his land.
  Syria Deir ez-Zor 5   Five shepherds were killed on Sunday at the hands of unknown people in a town in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor Governorate
  Syria Hama 26   ISIS killed 26 truffle hunters in the eastern countryside of Hama
  Syria Aleppo 1   Aleppo province: A woman was shot dead by members of “Ahrar Al-Sham”
  Syria Aleppo   4 SOHR activists have documented the injury of four Turkish soldiers with some of them severely injured and they were taken to Turkish hospitals, due to the missile shelling that was fired from areas of Kurdish and regime forces on the scientific research base and the Turkish military base near the National Hospital in A’zaz city in northern Aleppo countryside.
  Syria Aleppo 2   Two regime soldiers were killed in an attack by the special forces of “Abd Al-Rahman Bin Awf” Brigade
  Syria Al-Hasakah   4 Al-Hasakah province: An IED planted by ISIS cells on the side of the road exploded coinciding with the passage of a car carrying SDF members near Jarmaz southern village in Al-Shadady town southern of Al-Hasakah, injuring four members.
  Syria Idlib 7   Seven Soldiers of Syrian government forces were killed in an attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham
April 15 Sudan   56+ 595+ At least 56 people were killed and another 595 were injured in the violent clashes that erupted yesterday in Sudan
  Sudan Kabkabeya 3   3 UN& NGOs staff in Kabkabeya were killed. Confirmed reports stated that they were shot by the RSF.
  Afghanistan Nangarhar 1   A former member of Afghan special forces, identified as Riyaz Ahmadzai was killed by unidentified gunmen outside his house in Jalalabad District of Nangarhar Province
  Bangladesh Cox 1   A Rohingya leader, identified as Rawshan Ullah was shot dead by some miscreants, in Ukhiya Sub-District of Cox’s Bazar District
  Pakistan Zarmilan 10   10 persons, including eight terrorists and two Army soldiers, identified as Lance Naik Shoaib Ali (25) and Sepoy Rafi Ullah (22), residents of Khurram and Lakki Marwat Districts, respectively, were killed during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in Zarmilan
  Israel Tekoa   1 An Israeli bus driver is lightly hurt after Palestinians hurled stones at his vehicle on Route 356 near the West Bank settlement of Tekoa.
  Israel Negev 1   New crime in the Arab sector: brutal murder of a woman in a Bedouin family in the Negev
  Israel Haifa 2 1 Crimes in the Arab sector. Be’er Sheva: 1 dead, 1 injured. Haifa: 1 dead
  Israel Lod 1   Hamza Abu Ghanem, a 25-year-old man shot dead at the entrance to his home in Lod.
  Niger Gueskerou 2   A Boko Haram IED claims two lives in a passing vehicle.
  Afghanistan Takhar 1   Female Doctor Shot Dead by Unknown Gunmen in Takhar, Suspected Taliban Involvement
  Pakistan Zarmilan 8 2 8 terrorists killed, 2 soldiers martyred in South Waziristan
  Iraq al-Anbar     the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for an attack on an outpost of the Iraqi army in eastern al-Anbar, western Iraq. The attack resulted in material damages, whereas no casualties or injuries have been confirmed, the agency added.
  Syra Asayish   1
Unknown armed men target a military checkpoint of Asayish in the northern countryside of Deir_ez_Zor, eastern Syria, injuring a member.
  Nigeria Yobe 10+   At least 10 people were killed by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria’s northeastern Yobe state
  Iraq Sulaymaniyah 2 2 At least two people have been killed and two others wounded in drone strikes that targeted several villages in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaymaniyah province
  Indonesia Papua 1   Armed separatists ambushed a group of Indonesian soldiers searching for a kidnapped New Zealand pilot in the Papua region, killing at least one, the army said Sunday.
  Somalia Mogadishu 3+   At least three al-Shabab fighters were killed and a civilian wounded in a foiled terror attack in Mogadishu
  Syria Hama 1   Hama province: A civilian was shot dead by gunmen who are likely to belong to “ISIS” cells
  Syria Al-Taym 3   Deir Ezzor province: Number of “Al-Qaterji” militia members who were killed on April 13, has risen to five, after three of them died of the wounds they sustained in the vicinity of Al-Taym
  Syria Al-Arbaa Al-Kilo 1   A group of people killed a civilian from “Al-Arbaa Al-Kilo” village north-west of Minbij.
  Syra Hama   8 Unknown gunmen attacked 12 civilians of “Al-Bosraya” tribe who are “truffle” hunters in Duwaizin area south-east of Salamiyah in the eastern countryside of Hama, where four of them managed to escape and the others remains unaccounted for.
  Syria Al-Qunaitrah 1 4 Al-Qunaitrah province: An officer with the rank of lieutenant and the head of the military intelligence detachment of “Sa’saa” branch, was assassinated, and four other members were injured due to an armed attack
  India Prayagraj 2   Atiq Ahmed and his brother, during a press conference in Prayagraj or also known as Allahabad city of Uttar Pradesh, who were being escorted by police, were shot to death by three men.
  Pakistan Kashmore 2 4 At least two Pakistani policemen were killed, while four others were injured in the ongoing operation against hardcore criminals in the Katch area of Kashmore.
  Somalia Janale 9+ 2+ Somali National Army (SNA) on Saturday killed at least nine al-Shabab militants and injured more after conducting an operation near Janale town
  Syria Palmyra 1   One militant of the Iranian-backed Liwa Fatemiyoun was killed on Saturday in an armed attack that targeted their headquarters in Palmyra desert
April 14 DR Congo   42 7 At least 42 people were killed and seven wounded in an attack by a rebel group on three villages in Ituri district in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  Afghanistan Duwani 1 1 A child, identified as Sohail (6), was killed and an eight years old girl child (Sohail’s sister) was injured after a mortar shell explodedin the village of Duwani
  Afghanistan Chanzi 1   a female doctor, identified as Zakera Rahmani, was killed by unidentified gunmen near the village of Chanzi
  Afghanistan Qazi-Khail 1   A 65-year-old man, identified as Abdul Hafeez, was shot dead with a hunting rifle in Qazi-Khail village
  Bangladesh Ukhiya 2   an Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) operative, identified as Hashim, and a Rohingya woman, identified as Noor Haba, were killed in a gunfight between the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) and ARSA near a Rohingya camp in Ukhiya
  Pakistan Chaman 3+   At least three children were killed when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded inside a house at Rehman Kahol Road in Chaman town
  Mali Heremakono 2   A Malian policeman and a Ghanaian driver were killed in an attack on Thursday on a border checkpoint 380 km south of Bamako
  Nigeria Buni Gari 9   No fewer than nine people have been reportedly killed by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram terrorists in a fresh attack at Buni Gari, Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.
  Sudan West Darfur 22+   Sudanese medics said that at least 22 people had been shot and killed in violence in West Darfur state over the past week.
  Sudan Khartoum     US Ambassador to Sudan: « I just arrived late last night in Khartoum and woke up to the deeply disturbing sounds of gunfire and fighting. I am currently sheltering in place with the Embassy team, as Sudanese throughout Khartoum and elsewhere are doing »
  Nigeria Kaduna   20 20 Persons Injured As Nigerian Policemen Forcefully Disperse Protesting Shi’ites In Kaduna
  Syria Rojava 1   Suspected Turkish drone strike kills one SDF in Rojava
  Nigeria Ezra North 1   Tension as Labour Party Aspirant Reportedly Kill PDP Chieftain, Police Share Details
  Syria Jabal Al-Turkman 1   A regime soldier was killed in the clashes erupted between regime forces and factions of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operations room, on a frontline of Jabal Al-Turkman
  Syria Al-Sahwah 1   Daraa province: Members of a checkpoint of the Russian-backed “Fifth Corps” shot a civilian dead on the outskirts of Al-Sahwah town
  Syria Latakia 2   Latakia province: Residents have found the bodies of a woman and her child strangulated by a metal wire inside their house in Basatin Al-Rihan neighbourhood in Latakia
  Syria Al-Saramaniyah 3   Three regime soldiers killed by jihadist groups in Al-Saramaniyah attack
  Syria Al-Khabor Al-Hasin 1   A Syrian ISIS member was killed when SDF, supported by the International Coalition planes, stormed Al-Khabor Al-Hasin
  India Deoria   1 The Uttar Pradesh Police, on April 13, arrested a Maulvi identified as Gulam Waris for molesting a minor girl in the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh.
April 13 USA New Jersey   1 Story of ‘Islamophobic’ Attack on New Jersey Imam stabbing a Surprising Twist: the criminal is a Muslim named Serif Zorba
  Afghanistan Kabul 2   Two terrorists were killed in multiple explosions during Taliban’s search operations in Karte Naw area
  Afghanistan Panjshir 1   former ‘commander’, identified as Kamaluddin, the Head of the Public Protection Force for Wardak Province, has been imprisoned by the Taliban’s intelligence agency, known as “031,” for months and is currently being subjected to “severe” torture in Panjshir Province
  Pakistan Gishkore 3+   At least three terrorists were killed during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in Gishkore area
  Syria   3   SNHR documented the extrajudicial killings of 3 civilians, by Unidentified partie
  Pakistan Balochistan 1   A militant group in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province has claimed responsibility for shooting down a Christian and termed him a police spy against them.
  Syria Al-Sarmaniyah 3   “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” factions kill three regime soldiers in “de-escalation zone”
  Syria Idlib 1   “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” factions kill regime soldier in southern Idlib
  Syria Al-Mayadeen 1   Drug user kills his brother in Al-Mayadeen
  Syria Al-Hasakah 1   Nearly a week after attempt to assassinate Mazloum Abdi, Turkish drone kills SDF commander in Al-Hasakah countryside
  Uganda Loputuk 1   The Ugandan military killed the ringleader of a daring massive jailbreak where over 200 inmates escaped from a prison in the northeastern district of Moroto in September 2020.
  Uzbekistan Karakalpakstan 18 243 (Reuters) – Eighteen people were killed and 243 wounded during unrest in Uzbekistan’s autonomous province of Karakalpakstan which broke out last week over plans to curtail its autonomy, Uzbek authorities said on Monday.
  India Kanpur   1 ‘Super thief’ Bunty Chor, whose life inspired the movie ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’ nabbed by Delhi Police from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
April 12 Syria Deir_ez_Zor 1   The Asayish found the body of a young man shot dead in western Deir_ez_Zor, eastern Syria, amid an increase in killing cases in ambiguous circumstances
  Afghanistan Khost 1   a civilian (a money changer) was killed by unidentified gunmen in his shop in the centre of Khost Province
  Afghanistan Shokhak     Unidentified assailants set ablaze a girls’ high school in the village of Shokhak in the Shahr-e-Safa District in Zabul Province
  Pakistan Loesum 3   Three terrorists were killed by Security Forces (SFs) during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in Loesum area of Bajaur District
  Pakistan Khuzdar 1   Policeman shot dead in Balochistan
  Israel Acre     The police foiled an assassination attempt on a criminal background by members of a Arab crime gang in Acre. Six suspects aged 22-32 were arrested 
  Indonesia Jakarta 1 4 Jailed Uzbek Islamists stab a guard to death
  Phillipines Mamasapano 1 2 A Dawlah Islamiya attack leaves one dead
  Syria Deir Ez-Zour 1   Hussein al-Malhan, from al-Treif town in western Deir Ez-Zour, was killed
  Pakistan Bajaur 3   3 terrorists killed in Bajaur IBO
  Israel Nablus 2   2 Palestinian gunmen trying to carry out attack shot dead by troops near Nablus
  Afghanistan Panjshir 2 8 Two Commanders and Eight Members of Freedom Front Killed in Clashes with Taliban in Panjshir
  Syria Afrin 1   Unknown individuals assassinated the leader of an armed group affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in Afrin
  Nigeria Imo 1   Gunmen Abduct, Kill Nigerian Police Inspector During Easter Holiday In Imo State
  Indonesia Lampung 2   Indonesia police kill 2 suspected Jemaah Islamiyah militants
  Syria Daraa 1   Security chaos in Daraa | Unidentified gunmen kill bus driver on Daraa-Jasim road
  Syria Al-Qunaitrah 2 2 Al-Qunaitrah. Four regime soldiers killed and injured in two attacks
  Syria Al-Zaghir 1   Deir Ezzor province: Residents have found the body of a young man, who is the nephew of a member of the Russian Reconciliation Committee and belongs to “Al-Bo Saraya” tribe, was found shot dead in Al-Zaghir Jazira village in western Deir Ezzor countryside.
  Syria A’zaz     Unidentified people detonated an IED in the vehicle of the activist “Abd Allah Al-Omar”, the manager of the Baladna TV channel, near Al-Kafin Square in A’zaz city northern of Aleppo, without leaving casualties.
  Syria Idlib 1   A regime soldier was killed in an artillery shelling by factions of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operation room on a frontline of Jabal Al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib
  Syria Idlib 1 1 an officer and a soldier of the Syrian government forces were killed in mutual attacks between Turkish-backed factions of the Syrian National Army (SNA) and the government forces as shelling in southern Idlib
  India Jhansi 2   Asad Ahmed and Mohammed Ghulam killed in police encounter
April 11 Afghanistan Parwan 9   Nine AFF fighters killed in a clash with Taliban in Parwan Province
  Afghanistan Kabul 1   Former NDS official shot dead in Kabul
  Bangladesh Ukhiya 1   the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) personnel killed a ‘commander’ of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), identified as Abdul Mazid alias Lalaiya. in a raid in Ukhiya Sub-District of Cox’s Bazar District
  Pakistan Quetta 4   Four ATF personnel and one terrorist killed in Quetta city of Balochistan
  Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 3   Three terrorists killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  Afghanistan Chahar Sadra 1   A teenage girl is slain in a suspected honor killing.
  Pakistan Bannu 3   3 terrorists killed in intelligence-based operation in Bannu
  Nigeria Abuja   1 Terrorists Attack Nigerian Capital, Abuja Community, Kidnap Traditional Ruler, 13 Others
  Iraq Tawella 2   Two people were killed in Halabja province’s Tawella town
  Indonesia Jakarta 2   3 Uzbek turbans blamed for fatal stabbing during escape from Indonesian jail; within hours 2 recaptured, 1 drowned
  Nigeria Kaduna 4   Nigerian Troops Kill Bandit Leader, Isiya Danwasa, Others In Kaduna, Recover Cash, Guns, Others
  Syria Deir ez-Zor 1   The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed two operations; one against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the other against the Iraqi army.
  Syria Idlib 3+ 2+ A number of the Syrian government forces soldiers were killed and militants of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, formerly al-Nusra Front) were wounded
  Syria Kobani 1   People of the city of Kobani, northern Syria, condemn the Turkish attack on Sulaymaniyah that targeted SDF Commander in Chief @MazloumAbdi
  Syria Palmyra 3   The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that “likely” Islamic State gunmen attacked and killed a group of three young men searching for truffles north of Palmyra
  Nigeria northern Niger 5   Niger’s army says gunmen killed five soldiers and wounded others during a weekend ambush of a military convoy performing escort duties
  Nigeria Ako   22 Fulani herdsmen from Nigeria have invaded the Ako subdivision of the Northwest region in Cameroon and abducted 22 people, local authorities said
  Syria Aleppo 7 2 Rocket hits regime military vehicle in western Aleppo, killing and injuring nine soldiers
  Syria Idlib 1   “Ansar Al-Tawheed” sniper shoots regime soldier dead in southern Idlib
  Syria Homs   3? Homs province: Contact with a military group of the regime forces, composed of a “Lieutenant” and two members, was lost in Al-Dabiyat area south of Al-Sukhnah in the eastern countryside of Homs. It is likely that they were kidnaped by “ISIS” cells, where their fate still unknown.
  Cameroon Babessi 3   Three separatist fighters killed in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region
  Syria Aleppo 4 5 HTS kills 4, injures 5 government forces in missile attack in Aleppo
  Syria Afrin 1   unknown individuals shot to death a leader of the Division 50, an armed group affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham
  Syria al-Shuhail   2 The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed three attacks against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Iraqi army.
April 10 Afghanistan Ghazni 2   Two children killed in a grenade explosion in Ghazni Province
  Afghanistan Ghor 1   A teenage girl was killed in Chahar Sadra District of Ghor Province
  Afghanistan Maymana 1   civilian, identified as Mawla-dad, was killed by Taliban in Maymana District
  Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 2 one person was killed and two others were injured during a Taliban operation to destroy poppy fields in Nangarhar Province
  India Chhattisgarh   1 DRG trooper injured in IED blast in Chhattisgarh
  Pakistan Quetta 4 22 Four persons including two Police personnel killed and 22 others injured in separate blasts targeting Police in Quetta city of Balochistan
  Pakistan Turbat 1   The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) cadres killed Muhammad Aftab on the charges of spying on Baloch “pro-independence” fighter in Turbat District
  Israel Jenin     Israeli army says troops detained five Palestinian suspects in Jenin who were planning an imminent attack. One terrorist dead
  Pakistan Mamond 1   A cleric is killed in a targeted attack by rivals.
  Ethiopia Amhara 2   Two Catholic Relief Services (CRS) workers were shot and killed on Sunday in Ethiopia’s Amhara region
  Israel Nablus 2 1 IDF forces eliminated two terrorists who opened fire on an outpost near Nablus
  Syria   3   SNHR documented the extrajudicial killings of 3 civilians, by Unidentified partie
  Somalia Mogadishu 2   Al-Shabaab attack kills two guards at minister’s home in Mogadishu
  Nigeria Lagos 1 3 One Dead, Three Others Injured As Gunmen Open Fire On Police Patrol Team In Lagos
  Yemen Shabwah     Residents of Shabwah find undetonated explosive devices near road
  Syria Homs 3   “ISIS” cells kill three truffle hunters in eastern countryside of Homs
  Syria Palmyra   3 Kidnapped by “ISIS. Unknown fate follows officer and two of his escorts in Palmyra desert.
  Syria Khanaser 1   Member of “Suheil Al-Hasan” division killed in Khanaser desert east of Aleppo
  Syria Aleppo 1   Aleppo: A civilian died under brutal torturing in the prison of the Turkish-backed “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya”
  Syria Afrin 1 1 Young man killed and his brother injured in Afrin
  Syria Homs 5   Five regime soldiers killed by ISIS cells in Homs
  Syria Deir Ezzor 1   Gang shoots a civilian in SDF-held areas in Deir Ezzor
  Afghanistan Parwan 9   Taliban forces killed Akmal Amiri, a prominent anti-Taliban commander, along with his eight comrades in the Parwan province
  Syria Daraa 2   Residents of the eastern countryside of Daraa Governorate, eastern Syria, found on Monday bodies of two people who were tortured and shot dead.
  Syria al-Ajami 2 1 A local source told that unknown people targeted three people in the village of al-Ajami, in the western countryside of Daraa, killing two and injuring another.
  Bangladesh Taraganj   1 Bangladesh: 5-year-old Hindu girl lured with chocolates and raped by one Nuru Islam, accused absconding
April 9 New Jersey Paterson   1 A stabbing at a mosque in New Jersey has left an imam hospitalized. The suspect arrested is 32-year-old Serif Zorba of Paterson.
  Israel Aqabat Jabr 1 4 One terrorist killed in the Israeli army conuter terrorist raid in Aqabat Jabr.
  Afghanistan Parwan 1   One person suspectedly affiliated with ISIS killed by Taliban in Parwan Province
  Pakistan Quetta 4 15 Four killed when Deadly blast hits police vehicle in Pakistan’s Quetta, Fifteen others have been injured in the bombing
  Syria   22   SNHR documented the extrajudicial killings of 22 civilians including a child, by Syrian Regime forces and Unidentified parties, on Sunday, April 9, 2023, with the toll of victims distributed as follows: Syrian Regime forces: one child. Unidentified parties: 21civilians.
  Pakistan Waziristan 2   Security forces have killed two terrorists in separate gun battles during operations in Waziristan, the military’s media wing said
  India Kasmir 1   Poonch infiltration update: Intruder killed, two others captured by army
  Syria Deir ez-Zor 6   Six civilians were killed when a mine planted by militants exploded in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor
  Afghanistan Zaranj 2   An operation carried out by forces of the Taliban-led Afghan government killed two Islamic State (IS) fighters and took a third militant into custody during an operation in the country’s southwest, a regional official said.
  Israel West bank 1   Hospital announces death of Leah Dee, mother of sisters killed in West Bank terror attack
  Syria Daraa     Military commander in Eighth Corps survives after unidentified gunmen shot him in Daraa
  Syria Deir ez-Zor 1   “ISIS” cells shot civilian in eastern countryside
  Nigeria Adamawa 1   Nigerian police kill 1 gunman, rescue 2 civilians in NE state
  Nigeria Zamfara 2   Nigerian police have killed two bandits, recovered their arms, and repelled an attack in the northern state of Zamfara
  Nigeria Benue 36+   At least 36 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been killed in an attack by gunmen in central Nigeria’s state of Benue
  India Haryana   9 Haryana: Communal tension breaks out in Sonipat, 9 people injured
April 8 Afghanistan Parwan 1   One person suspectedly affiliated with ISIS killed by Taliban in Parwan Province
  Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2   Two Pakistani Army soldiers killed in IED blast in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  Pakistan Tiarza 2 3 A Tehreek-e-Taliban sniper fires into a security camp, killing two residents.
  Pakistan Malakdin 8 2 Eight people killed by a Tehreek-e-Taliban IED.
  Republic of Congo Musandaba 20+ 2 Attack kills around 20 in eastern Congo; Islamic State claims responsibility
  Nigeria Zamfara     Gunmen kidnap 80, including children, in northwest Nigeria
  Afghanistan Khyber 2 4 Two soldiers dead and four others were maimed when their vehicle was targeted by an improvised bomb (IED) in Bara tehsil of Khyber tribal district
  Pakistan Swabi 2   Two police officials martyred in Swabi, Waziristan attacks
  Iraq al-Anbar     Iraqi security forces thwart suicide attack in western Iraq
  Iran     60+ Dozens of schoolgirls have been poisoned in several schools across Iran
  Somalia Al Miskaad   1 Somalia : Al-Shabaab and ISIS Clash in Al Miskaad Mountains, Barri Region
  Burkina faso Kourakou 44   Authorities said that unknown assailants killed 44 people in two attacks in northern Burkina Faso
  Afghanistan Sayed Abad 2   Afghanistan’s special forces killed two Islamic State fighters and arrested a third during an operation in the district of Sayed Abad
  Yemen Sanaa 4   Four people, including two Islamic State (IS) attackers, were killed during a suicide bombing carried out by the terror group in Yemen’s capital Sanaa, the Houthi militia has confirmed.
  Syria Inkhil 1   SOHR sources have reported that a civilian was shot dead by unknown gunmen near his tent nearby Inkhil city
  Syria Al-Bab 1   A young man was stabbed to death with a sharp tool by a man of “Ghawi” family in Al-Bab city
  Syria Daraa 1   Daraa province: Unidentified gunmen shot a person working for the Airforce Intelligence, killing him
  Syria Daraa 1   Daraa province: A person accused of “drug dealing” was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Da’il city
  Syria Deraa 3   Palestinian refugees sheltered in Deraa raised concerns over the unabated assassinations in the area. Over recent days, heavy gunfire has been detected in the area, resulting in the death of three young men from Deraa’s AlMuzeireeb community.
  India Bemetara 1 3+ Chhattisgarh: Minor fight between 2 kids becomes a clash between two communities in Bemetara, one Hindu youth killed and several including cops injured
  India     7 Bihar: Two groups clash after Friday namaz during Ramzan in Muzaffarpur, 7 injured. Rashtra Janata Dal (RJD) leader Wasim Ahmad Munna was first attacked by a group of Muslims when he came out after offering namaz.
April 7 Sudan Nile 5   Renewed tribal violence in the Blue Nile region of Sudan, killing 5 people
  Israel Tel Aviv 2 7 Tel Aviv car ramming attack, which left two Israeli tourists dead and 7 injured. Terroriste « neutralized »
  Afghanistan Zabul 1   civilian identified as Hajji Mirwais (a money changer) was killed by unidentified gunmen in his house located 18 kilometres from the centre of Zabul Province
  Afghanistan Nimroz 1   Woman shot dead in Nimroz Province
  Afghanistan Kandahar ? ? Massive explosion occurred in a grand mosque in Kandahar city of Kandahar Province
  Bangladesh Bandarban 8   Eight persons killed in a gunfight between two-armed groups in Bandarban District
  Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1   Policeman killed in grenade attack in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  Iraq Erbil   3 At least three civilians were injured after a bomb, suspected to have been planted by Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters, went off and targeted their vehicle in Sidakan area of Erbil province
  Yemen Sanaa 2   Two ISIS suicide bombers go off early, killing two other civilians traveling with them.
  Syria Tal Shehab 1   Mu’awya Ilyas al-Hashish, from Tal Shehab town in the western suburbs of Daraa, was shot dead near his home
  Syria al- Mzayreeb 1   Media activist Ahmad Fa’our al-Saa’di, from al- Mzayreeb town in western Daraa governorate, was shot dead near his home
  Syria Deir Ez-Zour 3   the decomposed bodies of three civilians from Hawayej Shamiya in western Deir Ez-Zour were found in the western badiya
  Syria Deir ez-Zor 1 1 The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed an attack that targeted a checkpoint of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Deir ez-Zor Governorate, eastern Syria, resulting in the killing of an SDF fighter and the injury of another,
  Iraq Kurdistan     an unspecified blast took place near Sulaimaniyah International Airport in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), recording no casualties or damages.
  Iraq Diyala 5   Iraqi forces killed five ISIS militants in Iraq’s Diyala
  Nigeria Benue 43 ? Again, armed herders attack Benue IDPs camp, kill 43, including pregnant women and children, injure many
  Pakistan Swabi 1 2 Grenade attack in Swabi kills KP police ASI, injures 2 constables
  Syria Al-Sanamein 1   Unidentified gunmen shot a commander in one of the committees which work for the military intelligence branch within Al-Sanamein city
  Syria Deir Ezzor 1   Body of regime soldier found inside well in Deir Ezzor city
  Syria Al-Sanmin 1   A lieutenant of “Luwaa Al-Qods” from Al-Sanmin city in Daraa was killed in clashes with ISIS cells
  Syria Lattakia 1   A member of “Horras Al-Dein” faction was killed in a sneak attack in northern Lattakia countryside
  Syria Rif Dimashq 4   Four people kiled in armed clashes in Bait Jinn in Rif Dimashq
  Syria Al-Baghiliya   1 A member of the “National Defence” was beaten in Al-Baghiliya village in regime-held areas in western Deir Ezzor countryside
  Syria Bait Jinn ? ? Armed clashes erupt between a family backed by 4th Division and residents in Bait Jinn
  Syria Al-Raqqa   4 Armed clashes between two families leave four people injured in Al-Raqqa
  Syria Deir Ezzor 1   Following disputes, Child shot dead by his uncle in Deir Ezzor
  Syria Deir Ezzor 2 3 Two regime soldiers killed and three others injured in Deir Ezzor
  Cameroon Kerawa 2+   2 Boko Haram militants killed in Cameroon
  India Rajasthan 1   Rajasthan: Dalit woman dies after raped and set on fire, police file FIR only after locals protest, accused Shakur Khan arrested
April 6 Pakistan Isakhel   4 The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and party’s chairman Imran Khan’s close aide Najeeb Ullah Khan was injured along with two others after unidentified assailants opened fire at a passenger van in Isakhel area
  Mali Nossombougou 5   Two civilians are among five cut down by Jihadists.
  DRC Ituri 36+ 24 More than 36 people were killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ituri province
  Somalia Bosaso 1   A group linked to ISIS throws a grenade into a company headquarters, killing one.
  Israel Hamra 2 1 Deadly gun attack against three civilian women was carried out on a vehicle near Hamra
  Syria Kirkuk 1 3 ISIS claims responsibility for two attacks against the Iraqi army in Kirkuk in northern Iraq
  Syria Daraa 1   Unidentified attackers kill a policeman of the Syrian government forces in Daraa countryside
  Syria Daraa   5 IED explodes in the countryside of Daraa Governorate, southern Syria, resulting in the injury of five children
  Syria Daraa 1   ISIS claims responsibility over assassinating an officer of Syrian government forces in Daraa
  Israel Golan   3 34 rockets fired from southern Lebanon by Hamas, 3 Israelis wounded
  Nigeria Sokoto 1   Terrorists Kill Usmanu Danfodiyo University Graduate In Sokoto After Collecting N2Million As Ransom
  Nigeria North-West 40   Nigerian Troops Kill Over 40 Terrorists In North-West, Recover Gun Trucks, Boko Haram ‘Uniforms’
  Nigeria Benue State 46   46 Residents Killed By Gunmen In Fresh Attack On Benue State Community
  Nigeria Lagos 3   Nigerian Police Begin Probe As Gunmen Kill Three Persons In Lagos
  Nigeria Borno 25   Attacks by the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) on communities in Borno state, north eastern Nigeria have been thwarted by troops of Operation Hadin Kai. 25 killed
  Syria Palmyra 9   ISIS Kills 9 Members of Liwaa al-Quds in Less than 72 hours in Syrian Desert
April 5 Afghanistan Jabalussaraj 1   A civilian identified as Esamat was killed by unidentified gunmen inthe village of Meyana-guzar in Jabalussaraj
  Afghanistan Zaranj 1   A middle-aged man (name not stated) was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Zaranj
  Afghanistan Kabul 1   A civilian, named Dost Mohammad was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in the 15th District of Kabul
  Afghanistan Hazrat-e- Sultan 1   A civilian was tortured to death by Taliban forcesat Kokjar village in Hazrat-e- Sultan
  Pakistan Shinwarsak 9 1 Eight terrorists and a soldier were killed during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in the Shinwarsak area
  Pakistan Balochistan 6 2+ At least four Army soldiers were killed and unspecified number of others were injured when Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) cadres attacked Army camp in the Hoshab area of Kech District in Balochistan
  Syria Idlib 1   The Iraqi intelligence announced the killing of Khaled Al-Jubouri, whom it described as the most dangerous terrorist in ISIS group, according to a statement issued by the Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS).
  Syria   3   SNHR documented the extrajudicial killings of 3 civilians, by Unidentified parties
  Yemen Abyan 3   Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for burning alive three southern Yemeni separatist prisoners
  Israel Hebron   1 An Israel Defense Forces soldier was lightly maimed by gunfire during an operation near the West Bank city of Hebron
  Syria Al-Basirah 1   An SDF member was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on a motorbike, who are likely to belong to “ISIS” cells, in Al-Basirah city
  Syria Arak 2 3 Two members, including a lieutenant of Luwaa Al-Qods, were killed and three others were injured due to the eruption of clashes with ISIS cells in Arak village
  Syria Al-Hasakah     Members of ISIS set fire inside the headquarters of a charitable organization office in the centre of Al-Hawl camp in Al-Hasakah countryside.
  Syria Al-Mahmida 2   SOHR activists have monitored the death of at least two people of “Al-Sho’aitat tribe in Al-Mahmida
  Syria Deir ez-Zor 1   unknown armed men shot dead an individual in a town east of Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria.
  Syria Daraa 1   Unknown armed men targeted a soldier of the Eighth Legion of the Fifth Crops, affiliated with Syrian government forces, in the eastern countryside of Daraa,
  Syria Homs 5 3 Five militants of the Iranian-backed Quds Force were killed and three others were injured in an IED blast in a car that was carrying them
  India Roorkee   4 Two groups of Muslims clash, pelt stones at each other over namaz during Ramzan in Roorkee, 7 arrested
  India Nandurbar   7 Three policemen were injured in the violence in Nandurbar. Four people were injured
April 4 Afghanistan Balkh 6   Six terroristes de l’IS-KP tués dans la province de Balkh
  Afghanistan Khorasan 4 18 three Taliban fighters and a girl were killed and 18 others were injured in an operation launched by Taliban at a Islamic State-Khorasan Province (IS-KP) hideout
  Afghanistan   2   two young men named Wahid and Mohammad Yonus were ruthlessly beaten to death in the Kariz village of Gosfandi District
  Nigeria Kaduna   8 Gunmen in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna state kidnapped eight secondary school students coming from school along with an unknown number of others
  Syria   3   SNHR documented the extrajudicial killings of 3 civilians, by Unidentified parties
  Iraq al-Sulaymaniyah   1 Kurdish Peshmerga member abducted by commandos forces in al-Sulaymaniyah
  Syria Sere Kaniye 3   Gunmen kill three Turkish-backed SNA militants in Sere Kaniye (Ras al Ain)
  Syria Idlib 3   Turkey’s border guards shoot three Syrian civilians and arrest another on Syrian-Turkish border in Idlib
  Nigeria Dekina 1   Pastor Hulobu was shot dead when the suspected gunmen invaded the local government
  Nigeria Plateau State 9   Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists killed a pastor and his two sons in Plateau state, Nigeria, and six other Christians were slain in the state in other attacks.
  Pakistan Kohat 2   Two cops have been killed after terrorists opened fire outside a mosque in the Tapi area of Kohat
  Syria Deir Ezzor 4   Second consecutive day. Ongoing tribal clashes leave four people dead and injured in northern countryside of Deir Ezzor
  Nigeria Kogi 6+   Many civilians were killed in attacks by unidentified gunmen on several villages in central Nigeria’s Kogi State
  India Chhattisgarh 4   Chhattisgarh: Bride’s ex-boyfriend ‘gifts’ home theatre rigged with explosives in wedding, kills her husband and three others
April 3 Syria Idlib 1   ISIS Senior leader killed by US forces in Syria
  Afghanistan Jawzjan 2   Two children killed in a hand grenade explosion in Jawzjan Province
  Afghanistan Panshir     Taliban blew up the boys’ high school building “Dahan-Riyot” in the Khenj District of Panshir Province
  India Viewland   5 Five persons identified as Mangal Mahaton, were injured in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosion in the Viewland area
  Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa 2   Two Policemen killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  Pakistan Keshangi 1 3 One Army personnel was killed while three others were injured when Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) cadres targeted a military outpost
  Nigeria Kwesati 10   Militant Muslims fire into a village and set fire to homes, at least three women among the dead
  Somalia Mogadishu 2 3 Suicide bomber attack
  Canada Vancouver   2 A bus passenger’s throat is slashed by Abdul Aziz Kawam. Attack is being treated as terrorism after RCMP national security police took over the investigation.
  Afghanistan Nahri Shahi 6   A police spokesman says an ISIL hideout in Nahri Shahi district was targeted and six fighters were killed.
  Syria Killi 1   A commander of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Hurras al-Din (Guardians of Religion) was killed by a missile in the town of Killi
  Syria Deir ez Zor 3   ED of ISIS exploded in the desert of Deir ez Zor, eastern Syria, killing three militants of Iranian-backed militias
  Syria Daraa   16 Explosive device exploded in a bus carrying employees of government, resulting in the injury of 16 of them in the countryside of Daraa Governorate, southern Syria.
  Israel Samaria     Gunfire hits homes on northern kibbutz, in suspected attack by West Bank terrorists. No casualties
  Benin   1   A University of Benin final-year student has been reportedly killed in his hostel
  Nigeria Zamfara   2 bandits have invaded the Federal University Gusau in Zamfara state and kidnapped two female students
  Syria   2   Two Islamic State suicide bombers killed in Syria amid group’s resurgence
  Nigeria Benue 7+   Fulani herdsmen killed at least seven Christians in Benue state
  Nigeria Logo 1   Assailants killed a Christian in an attack on a worship meeting Saturday night in Logo County
  Nigeria Hong 3   Three persons in the Dabna community of the Hong local government area of the state were killed by unknown armed men
  Israel Tzrifin 2   Two Israeli soldiers were wounded on Tuesday near the Tzrifin intersection close to the city of Rishon LeZion in central Israel.
  Syria Daraa 4 24 SOHR activists have documented ten attacks and cases in Daraa province in 72 hours, that led to the death of four people who are: three civilians including a child, a drug dealer and a former combatant who underwent reconciliation.
2 avril Afghanistan Bayani 1   Un adolescent, identifié comme Shamsul-Haq, a été abattu par des assaillants non identifiés dans le village de Bayani, dans le district de Saighan, dans la province de Bamyan.
  Afghanistan Sayedabad 2   deux enfants ont été tués par un mortier
  Afghanistan Sarkhakan 1   un enfant a été tué par l’explosion d’un mortier
  Bangladesh Ukhiya 2   un Rohingya, identifié comme Syed Alam (60 ans), a été abattu lors d’un affrontement entre l’Armée du salut des Rohingyas de l’Arakan (ARSA) et l’Organisation de solidarité avec les Rohingyas (RSO), et le corps criblé de balles d’un Rohingya, identifié comme Syed Alam (40 ans), qui a également eu la gorge tranchée, a été retrouvé au camp de Balukhali, dans le sous-district d’Ukhiya
  India Manipur 1   Un militant de l’UCK tué au Manipur
  Israel Nablus 2   Les soldats qui effectuaient des opérations dans la ville du nord de la Judée lundi ont été accueillis par des tirs et ont riposté. Au cours de l’échange, deux Arabes armés ont été tués, selon plusieurs médias.
  Syria   9   Le SNHR a documenté les exécutions extrajudiciaires de neuf civils, dont un enfant, par des parties non identifiées.
  Syria Deir Ez-Zour 1   Un civil abattu par des hommes armés non identifiés dans l’est du gouvernorat de Deir Ez-Zour
  Syria Damascus ?   Un attentat à la voiture piégée a secoué la capitale syrienne Damas dimanche soir, selon les médias d’État, mais aucun décès n’a été signalé.
  Syria Salamiyah 2   Un engin explosif, vraisemblablement fabriqué par ISIS, a explosé, tuant deux personnes dans la ville de Salamiyah, dans le gouvernorat de Hama.
  Yemen Lahj 1   Un chauffeur de camion abattu par un membre d’une milice à Lahj
  Pakistan Peshawar 1   Un travailleur chrétien abattu à Peshawar
  Nigeria Port Harcourt   1 Des partisans du PDP et de l’APC se sont affrontés à Port Harcourt lundi, et une personne a été blessée par une balle perdue.
  Iraq Erbil 2   Le Commandement central américain (CENTCOM) a confirmé lundi la mort de deux membres de l’État islamique (ISIS) qui se préparaient à commettre un attentat suicide.
  Pakistan Karachi 2   un commerçant sikh, et Kashif Masih, un travailleur sanitaire chrétien, ont été abattus lors de différents incidents
  Nigeria Mashegu 7   Sept personnes ont été tuées et 26 autres enlevées dans sept communautés de la zone de gouvernement local de Mashegu, dans l’État du Niger.
  Nigeria Kaduna 11   Les troupes nigérianes ont tué 11 hommes armés lors d’un affrontement dans l’État de Kaduna, dans le nord du pays.
  Cameroon Amchide   3+ Au moins trois civils ont été blessés après que le groupe terroriste Boko Haram a attaqué une localité dans la région de l’Extrême-Nord du Cameroun.
  India Kerala 3   Au Colorado, un homme est entré dans une voiture de train, a aspergé ses compagnons de voyage d’un liquide inflammable et y a mis le feu. Les corps d’une femme, d’un enfant et d’un homme ont été retrouvés sur les voies.
1er avril Afghanistan Jawzjan 2 6 Des militants lancent une grenade dans une école de filles, tuant deux personnes et en blessant six autres.
  Yemen Umayran 3 3 Trois soldats locaux tombent dans une embuscade avec leur voiture et sont tués par Al-Qaïda.
  Afghanistan Kabul     Trois Britanniques sont détenus par les Talibans en Afghanistan
  Afghanistan Ghorband 1   Un ancien médecin militaire, âgé de 32 ans, alors qu’il se rendait à Kaboul, la capitale, les talibans l’ont fait sortir de son véhicule et l’ont abattu dans le district de Ghorband.
  Yemen Abyan 1 1 Un citoyen a été tué et un autre blessé par des tirs de la milice du Conseil de transition du Sud (STC), soutenue par les Émirats arabes unis, à Abyan.
  Nigeria Kaduna 5   Les troupes nigérianes tuent cinq terroristes lors d’une fusillade à Kaduna
  Nigeria Borno     Les troupes de l’armée nigériane et les agents de police ont repoussé une attaque lancée contre un poste de police à Jakana, dans le gouvernement local de Kaga de l’État de Borno, par les terroristes de l’État islamique de la province d’Afrique de l’Ouest, (ISWAP). Il n’y a pas eu de victimes
  Pakistan North Waziristan 3   Un soldat de l’armée pakistanaise et un agent du département de lutte contre le terrorisme sont tombés en martyrs lors d’un échange de tirs avec des guerriers sacrés dans le Waziristan du Nord.
  Somalia Puntland   3 Un haut responsable de la sécurité de l’État du Puntland figure parmi les trois personnes blessées lors d’une explosion dans la ville divisée de Galkayo.
  Israel Samaria 1   Trois soldats blessés lors d’une attaque à la bélier en Judée, selon l’IDF ; l’assaillant est abattu
  Yemen Abyan 3+   Au moins trois soldats des forces gouvernementales du Yémen ont été tués dans une embuscade tendue par des hommes armés d’Al-Qaïda dans la province d’Abyan, dans le sud du pays.
  Nigeria Taraba State 15+   Au moins 15 personnes auraient été tuées lorsque des bandits ont semé la terreur dans le village de Garin Baka, dans la zone gouvernementale locale d’Ardo-Kola, dans l’État de Taraba.
  Syria Daraa   1 Province de Daraa : Des hommes armés non identifiés à bord d’une « voiture taxi noire » ont enlevé un jeune homme et volé son camion « Kia 4000 ».
  Syria Daraa   1 Des hommes armés non identifiés ont ouvert le feu sur un trafiquant de drogue et un promoteur dans la ville de Nawa.
  Syria Binin 1 1 Un membre de la « Légion Al-Sham » a été tué et un autre blessé à la suite d’un tir d’artillerie des forces du régime sur les positions du Front national de libération sur la ligne de front de Binin.
  Syria Hafayer Al-Bidewy   1 Des hommes armés non identifiés, qui appartiendraient à ISIS, ont attaqué un véhicule militaire des FDS dans la région de « Hafayer Al-Bidewy ».
  Syria Idlib 1   Un sous-officier de la 30e division des gardes de la République du régime a été tué par des factions d' »Al-Fath Al-Mubin »
  Syria Aleppo 2 2 Deux soldats du régime ont été tués et deux autres blessés, après avoir été pris pour cible par des membres du HTS,
  Syria Palmyra 1   Un soldat du régime originaire de Salamiyah, dans la campagne orientale de Hama, a été tué lors d’un affrontement armé entre des cellules de l' »ISIS » et des membres des forces du régime.
  India Bihar Sharif 1 6 Police said that six people were seriously injured during handling of bombs in Sasaram in Bihar, while gunfire killed one in Bihar Sharif
  India Gwalior   1 Un entraîneur de gymnastique, Firoz Khan, a été inculpé à Gwalior pour avoir violé une femme en tenant son fils sous la menace d’un couteau.
  India Shaktigarh 1   Un dirigeant du BJP, Raju Jha, a été abattu par des personnes non identifiées à Shaktigarh, au Bengale occidental.
  India Shahpur 1   Le criminel recherché Rashid, accusé du meurtre d’un parent de Suresh Raina, a été tué lors d’une rencontre avec la police de l’UP.
31 mars Pakistan Kech 4   Le Pakistan affirme que des « militants » du côté iranien ont tué quatre gardes-frontières pakistanais.
  Bangladesh Patenga 1   Le corps d’un membre d’équipage chinois, identifié comme Zhang Mingyan (ingénieur du MV Cang Huan), a été retrouvé mort par des membres de la police fluviale.
  Pakistan Sibi District 1 2 Les forces de sécurité ont tué un terroriste et en ont blessé deux autres au cours d’une opération de renseignement effectuée dans la région de Noshman, dans le district de Sibi, au Baloutchistan.
  Israel Jerusalem 1   La police israélienne a abattu un terroriste arabe qui a tenté de s’emparer de l’arme d’un officier à l’entrée du Mont du Temple.
  Afghanistan Kabul 2 3+ Un attentat contre le complexe de sécurité de Kaboul fait deux morts et un blessé
  Pakistan North Waziristan 1   Un soldat tombe en martyr lors d’un échange de tirs avec des terroristes au Waziristan du Nord
  Yemen Hadhramaut   1 Un citoyen britannique enlevé dans le Hadhramaut occupé
  Syria Hasakah 2   Les Asayish déjouent un attentat-suicide perpétré par ISIS, tuant deux assaillants et s’emparant de leurs armes à Hasakah.
  Canada Mississauga   1 Deux frères musulmans ont proféré des insultes racistes à l’encontre d’un père de famille d’origine arabe et palestinienne de Mississauga, qu’ils ont roué de coups devant ses enfants.
  Syria Aleppo 2 2 Deux soldats du régime ont été tués et deux autres blessés, après avoir été pris pour cible par des membres de « HTS ».
  Syria Homs 1   Un soldat du régime originaire de Salamiyah, dans la campagne orientale de Hama, a été tué lors d’un affrontement armé entre des cellules de l' »ISIS » et des membres des forces du régime.
  Syria Da’el 1 4 Un jeune homme a été tué et quatre autres ont été gravement blessés par des inconnus qui leur ont tiré dessus dans la ville de Da’el, dans la campagne nord de Daraa.
  Turkey Istanbul     Des coups de feu ont été tirés par une ou plusieurs personnes non identifiées sur les bureaux d’Istanbul d’un parti d’opposition turc. Il n’y a pas de victimes ni de blessés.
  Yemen Taiz 1   Des hommes armés non identifiés ont tué un haut responsable militaire des forces gouvernementales du Yémen dans la province de Taiz, dans le sud-ouest du pays.
  Somali   14   L’armée nationale somalienne (SNA) a tué 14 militants d’Al-Shabab lors d’un assaut dans l’État du Sud-Ouest.
  India Malvai   ? Environ 100 à 150 musulmans se sont rassemblés sur la route Abdul Hamid à Malad, ont scandé « Allah-hu-Akhbar » et ont jeté des pierres sur le cortège de Ram Navami.
30 mars Afghanistan Jowzjan 2 6 Deux filles ont été tuées et six autres blessées dans l’explosion d’une grenade à l’intérieur d’une classe d’école primaire dans le district de Qush Tepa, dans la province de Jowzjan.
  Afghanistan Kabul 2 1 deux combattants talibans ont été tués et un autre blessé dans l’explosion d’une grenade à main orchestrée par le Front de libération de l’Afghanistan (AFF).
  Pakistan Karachi 1   Le Dr Birbal Genani, directeur principal de la santé et spécialiste des yeux, a été abattu par des assaillants non identifiés sur l’autoroute Lyari à Karachi.
  Pakistan Lakki Marwat 4   Un véhicule de police est entièrement détruit par des bombardiers talibans, ainsi que quatre passagers.
  Nigeria Sobe 3   Un pasteur et deux agriculteurs abattus de sang-froid par des musulmans militants
  Syria Deir Ez-Zour 4   les corps de quatre civils, tous blessés par balle, ont été retrouvés dans la zone de Jabal al-Beshri, dans la badiya (désert) occidentale de Deir Ez-Zour.
  Syria Daraa 1   Le civil Khalil Ibrahim al-Farwan a été tué par une balle perdue lors d’un échange de tirs entre la huitième brigade du régime syrien et un groupe accusé par la huitième brigade de banditisme et de vol dans la ville d’Inkhil, dans la banlieue nord du gouvernorat de Daraa.
  Iran Jowzjan 2   Deux réfugiés afghans tués et sept blessés par les tirs des gardes-frontières turcs
  Iraq Kirkuk 3   Les forces irakiennes ont annoncé avoir tué un certain nombre de militants de l’État islamique.
  Syria Daraa 1 2 Des personnes non identifiées visent un véhicule militaire des forces gouvernementales avec un engin explosif dans la campagne occidentale de Daraa.
  Syria Al-Salihiyah     Des hommes armés circulant à moto, qui appartiendraient à des cellules de l’ISIS, ont attaqué un poste militaire du Corps des gardiens de la révolution iranien sur la route du champ pétrolifère d’Al-Ward, dans le désert d’Al-Salihiyah.
  Syria Daraa 2   deux frères ont été abattus par des hommes armés dans la ville de Tafas
  Syria Kolaya   1 des membres de la « division Al-Hamzah » ont brutalement battu un mineur du village de Kolaya
  Syria Yarmouk 3   Le nombre de membres tués dans l’attaque qui a visé un véhicule militaire du poste de sécurité militaire dans la ville d’Al-Shajarah dans la région du bassin de Yarmouk à l’ouest de Daraa est passé à trois.
  Syria Daraa 1 2 un membre du service de sécurité militaire du régime a été tué et deux autres blessés lors d’une attaque contre un véhicule militaire
29 mars Israel Hebron     Des Arabes ont lancé un cocktail Molotov sur un touriste sur la route de Gush Etzion à Hébron, près d’El Arov.
  Iran Baku   1 Fazıl Mustafa, président du Grand Parti de la Libération en Azerbaïdjan, a été blessé lors d’une attaque armée
  Somalia Bar Sangunni 32 12 Al Shabaab attaque des bases militaires dans le sud-ouest et le centre de la Somalie ; des forces spéciales formées par les États-Unis et la Turquie sécurisent plusieurs villages dans le centre-nord de la Somalie.
  Pakistan Lakki Marwat 4 6 Un surintendant adjoint de la police (DSP) et trois gendarmes sont tombés en martyrs lorsqu’une bombe artisanale a explosé sur la route de Pirwala à Lakki Marwat. Un échange de tirs a alors eu lieu entre la police et les terroristes. Au cours de la fusillade, six policiers ont été mutilés.
  Syria Deir ez Zor 1   Les forces gouvernementales tuent un tireur non identifié soupçonné d’être un militant d’ISIS après avoir attaqué un poste de contrôle gouvernemental dans l’est de Deir ez Zor.
  Syria Homs 4 4 Explosion d’engins explosifs improvisés dans la campagne orientale du gouvernorat de Homs, dans le centre de la Syrie, causant la mort de quatre personnes, dont trois femmes, et blessant quatre autres.
  Iraq Kirkuk ?   Les forces irakiennes ont annoncé avoir tué un certain nombre de militants de l’État islamique (ISIS) après avoir pris pour cible un de leurs repaires à Kirkouk, dans le nord du pays.
  Nigeria Adar   ? Des terroristes présumés auraient enlevé 56 habitants d’une communauté du Niger et exigé une rançon de 200 millions de nairas
  Nigeria Oriire   20 Des bergers ont attaqué une école secondaire publique dans la zone gouvernementale locale d’Oriire de l’État. Le nombre exact d’étudiants et d’enseignants blessés n’a pas encore été identifié.
  Republic of Congo   1   Un commandant de haut rang des rebelles ougandais des Forces démocratiques alliées (ADF) a été tué lors d’une opération militaire menée mercredi dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo.
  India Jammu and Kashmir   1 L’explosion d’un engin explosif improvisé à Kathua, au Jammu-et-Cachemire, blesse un policier et fait craindre un attentat terroriste
  Syria Al-Hasakah 2 8 Attaques surprises de l’ISIS contre des postes de contrôle de sécurité, dans la zone contrôlée par le SFD
  India Uttar Pradesh 2   Ghulamuddin, étudiant de l’AMU, a tué ses deux parents dans une affaire choquante de double meurtre dans l’Uttar Pradesh.
  India Vadodara     environ 200 à 500 musulmans sont arrivés dans la rue pendant la procession et ont commencé à lancer des pierres sur la procession et les participants hindous.
  India Kiradpura   2 deux groupes se sont affrontés dans la zone de Kiradpura de Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, lançant des pierres et mettant le feu à des véhicules. Lors d’un incident similaire dans le district de Jalgaon, des affrontements ont éclaté à cause de la diffusion de musique à l’extérieur d’une mosquée alors que la Namaz était en cours
27 mars Nigeria Mafa 1   Le commandant de l’État islamique de la province d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISWAP), Abu Muhammed, aurait exécuté son adjoint immédiat, Abu Darda.
  Republic of the Congo Gulf of Guinea     Des pirates montent à bord d’un navire danois dans le redoutable golfe de Guinée
  Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif 3   Des pirates montent à bord d’un navire danois dans le redoutable golfe de Guinée
  Nigeria Enugu State   1 Des bandits armés non encore identifiés ont enlevé un garçon de 11 ans, Kamsi, dans sa maison d’Ukwu-Inyi à Ogwurute, dans la zone gouvernementale locale d’Igbeze North de l’État d’Enugu.
  Nigeria Imo State 5   Cinq membres du Corps de sécurité et de défense civile du Nigeria (NSCDC) tués dans l’État d’Imo, au sud-est du Nigeria.
  Syria Homs 3   L’explosion d’un engin explosif improvisé dans le centre de la Syrie tue trois miliciens soutenus par l’Iran
  Belgium       Des policiers belges ont arrêté huit personnes lors de raids antiterroristes menés dans tout le pays dans le cadre d’opérations visant à déjouer les attentats terroristes préparés.
  DR Congo Djugu territory 17   Au moins 17 personnes ont été tuées par des rebelles dans l’est du Congo, ont annoncé les autorités locales lundi.
  Albania Tirana 1   Un garde de sécurité a été tué par balle dans les locaux de la chaîne de télévision la plus regardée d’Albanie, Top Channel,
  Syria Daraa   1 Province de Daraa : des hommes armés masqués ont intercepté un jeune homme dans la ville d’Al-Yadoda, dans la campagne occidentale de Daraa, et ont ouvert le feu directement sur lui, le blessant.
  Syria Daraa     Province de Daraa : Une personne a été arrêtée par un groupe local de la sécurité militaire dans la zone située entre les villes de Tafs et Al-Yadoda dans la campagne occidentale de Daraa, où il a été dépouillé de sa voiture, de deux téléphones portables et de 2 000 000 de lires syriennes.
  India Khagaria   1 Dans le district de Khagaria, au Bihar, un jeune homme nommé Mohammad Ishtaaq et des membres de sa famille ont été accusés d’avoir forcé une jeune fille à consommer de l’acide.
  Iraq Diyala     Le directeur du district de Buhriz dans la province de Diyala, Nizar Al-Luhaibi, a annoncé qu’un complot visant à attaquer les forces de l’armée par des hommes armés se faisant passer pour des membres des forces de sécurité avait été déjoué.
26 mars Afghanistan Kabul 1   un terroriste de l’État islamique dans la province de Khorasan (IS-KP), identifié comme Asad Laghamani alias Qais, a été tué par les Talibans.
  Afghanistan Kabul 6 12+ Un attentat suicide perpétré non loin du ministère afghan des affaires étrangères a tué au moins six civils et en a blessé plusieurs autres, a annoncé le ministère de l’intérieur.
  Nigeria Dikwa 41   Les troupes de l’opération Hadin Kai, en collaboration avec la Force d’intervention conjointe civile (CJTF), ont pris d’assaut le repaire des terroristes de la province de l’État islamique d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISWAP) dans la zone de gouvernement local de Dikwa de l’État de Borno, tuant 41 terroristes.
  Philippines Pagalungan 5   Cinq militants philippins présumés de la filiale locale de l’État islamique, qui ont été tués lors d’une frappe aérienne et d’une offensive des forces gouvernementales dans le sud des Philippines, préparaient des attaques pendant le ramadan, a déclaré l’armée lundi.
  DR Congo River Lusulubi 20   Les Forces de défense du peuple ougandais ont tué 20 rebelles des Forces démocratiques alliées (ADF) après une bataille dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo.
  Syria Aleppo   5 Pour des raisons inconnues, des affrontements entre factions soutenues par l’Iran font cinq blessés à Alep
  Syria Hamo     Un conflit familial avec des armes légères a éclaté entre les tribus « Al-Bughram » et « Al-Bukrit » en raison d’une vieille vendetta dans le village de Hamo, dans la campagne d’Al-Qamishly, dans la zone tenue par le régime. Seuls des dégâts matériels ont été signalés.
  Syria Al-Raqqa 1   Une femme a tué son mari, âgé d’une trentaine d’années, à l’intérieur de leur maison dans le quartier Al-Makasim de la ville d’Al-Tabaka, dans la campagne d’Al-Raqqa, après lui avoir attaché les mains et l’avoir complètement brûlé.
  Syria Ghouta 1   une femme a abattu son mari âgé d’une quarantaine d’années à l’aide d’un fusil militaire à la suite de disputes entre eux
  Syria Al-Hesan 1   Un jeune homme a tué son frère avec son arme personnelle à la suite d’une querelle entre eux dans le village d’Al-Hesan.
  Syria Hama 1   Un jeune homme déplacé de la ville de Hama a tué sa femme dans une grotte du village de Hakja.

25 mars

Israel Huwara   2 Deux soldats de l’armée israélienne blessés lors de la fusillade de Huwara. Un blessé grave, un blessé léger
  Yemen Kadha 2   L’attaque d’un poste de contrôle par Ansar Allah a fait deux morts.
  Syria Derir Ez-Zor   6 6 membres des forces gouvernementales syriennes blessés par un engin explosif improvisé à Deir ez-Zor
  Iraq Diyala 3   L’armée de l’air irakienne a effectué avec succès une opération de frappe aérienne de précision contre des cibles d’ISIS dans la province de Diyala
  Syria Aleppo 1   Un civil a été battu à mort dans le village d’Ayosh, dans la campagne de Manbij, à l’est d’Alep, par des membres d’un gang se faisant passer pour des membres des forces de sécurité.
  Syria Kafr Bateekh 1   Un membre des HTS a été tué après s’être infiltré seul dans les positions du régime sur la ligne de frontière de Kafr Bateekh, à l’est d’Idlib, et avoir affronté les soldats du régime.
  Syria Ayyash 5   Les habitants de la ville d’Ayyash, dans la campagne occidentale de Deir ez-Zor, dans l’est de la Syrie, ont retrouvé samedi cinq nouveaux cadavres de chasseurs de truffes disparus quelques jours plus tôt dans la même région.
  India Jharkhand   1 trois personnes, Amiruddin Khan (24 ans), Mehboob Khan (19 ans) et Sheikh Aslam (23 ans) ont tenté de violer une jeune fille mineure appartenant à la société tribale dans le district de Gumla au Jharkhand.
  Afghanistan Kabul 1   Un homme affilié à Daesh, Asad Laghmani, a été tué dans le PD 12 de la ville de Kaboul.
24 Afghanistan Samangan 2 1 Deux combattants talibans ont été tués et deux autres blessés dans une explosion à l’intérieur du quartier général des services de renseignement talibans à Aybak.
  Bangladesh Noakhali   10 Dix personnes ont été blessées lors d’un affrontement entre deux factions de la Ligue Chhatra du Bangladesh (BCL).
  Syria Hama   40 En plus des 15 chasseurs de truffes tués, quarante autres ont été blessés
  DR Congo Basili 6   6 villageois tués par l’ADF
  Nigeria Agatu 5   5 tués par des islamistes
  Syria Al-Suwaydaa   1 Des membres d’un gang armé à bord d’une voiture spéciale ont kidnappé un civil septuagénaire près de sa maison dans le village de Salakhid, dans la campagne occidentale d’Al-Suwaydaa.
  Syria Deir Ezzor   2 Deux membres des FDS ont été blessés après avoir été pris pour cible avec des mitrailleuses par des hommes armés non identifiés circulant à moto.
  Syria Idlib 2   Deux soldats du régime ont été abattus par des membres d' »Al-Fath Al-Mubin » dans le sud d’Idlib.
  Syria Aleppo 1 1 Un jeune homme a été tué et un autre grièvement blessé lors d’affrontements à l’arme blanche entre un groupe de jeunes hommes près de la place du 8 mars, dans le centre de la ville d’Al-Bab.
  Syria Aleppo 1   Un civil tué lors du bombardement de la ville d’al-Abezemou dans l’ouest d’Alep
  Syria Aleppo   2 Un homme et une femme blessés lors du bombardement par le régime syrien d’un marché populaire dans le centre de la ville d’al-Atareb, à l’ouest d’Alep.
  Syria   9   Le SNHR a documenté les exécutions extrajudiciaires de neuf civils par les forces du régime syrien et des parties non identifiées, le vendredi 24 mars 2023, le nombre de victimes se répartissant comme suit :
Forces du régime syrien : un civil.
Parties non identifiées : huit civils.
23 mars Syria Daraa 1  
Le jeune « Mazen Hassan Al-Bardan » a été tué par des tireurs inconnus dans la ville de « Tafas » dans la campagne de Daraa.
  Afghanistan Badakhshan 2   Deux enfants tués dans l’explosion d’une grenade dans la province de Badakhshan
  Afghanistan Ghazni 1   Enfant tué par l’explosion d’un obus de mortier dans la province de Ghazni
  Pakistan Quetta 3   Trois personnes appartenant à la communauté Hazara ont été enlevées dans le quartier de Killi Mariani à Quetta.
  Philippines Mamasapano 1 1 Des islamistes bangsamoro assassinent un soldat local et en blessent un autre
  Burkina Faso Zorkoum 14   Des djihadistes prennent pour cible un groupe assurant la sécurité d’un projet d’approvisionnement en eau, tuant quatorze personnes.
  Pakistan karachi 1   Un ecclésiastique abattu par ses rivaux
  Syria Hama 15   Le groupe État islamique tue 15 chasseurs de truffes en Syrie. 40 autres sont portés disparus
  Syria Aleppo   2 Un homme et une femme blessés lors d’un bombardement par le régime syrien d’un marché populaire dans le centre de la ville d’al-Atareb, à l’ouest d’Alep.
  Syria Deir Ez-Zour 1   Le corps d’un civil est retrouvé dans l’est du gouvernorat de Deir Ez-Zour,
  Syria Deir Ez-Zour 2   Un civil et sa fille tués par une mine terrestre d’origine non identifiée dans l’ouest du gouvernorat de Deir Ez-Zour.
  Somalia Jubaland 5 ? Cinq militants d’al-Shabaab tués et plusieurs blessés
  Syria Aleppo 1 3 Un civil a perdu la vie et trois autres ont été mutilés lors d’un bombardement mutuel entre les forces gouvernementales syriennes et Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.
  Yemen Aden 1   Un officier de sécurité séparatiste tué à Aden, au Yémen
  Yemen Mamdara   1 Des sources locales ont déclaré que l’une des factions armées appartenant à la milice du Conseil de transition du Sud (CTS), soutenue par les Émirats arabes unis, a violé un enfant de cinq ans au maximum dans le quartier de Mamdara, au centre de la ville.
  Burkina Faso Center North 15+   Au moins 15 soldats et auxiliaires de l’armée du Burkina Faso ont été tués lors d’une attaque dans le nord du pays.
  Nigeria Diffa 20   L’armée nigérienne a tué 20 combattants de Boko Haram près de la frontière avec le Nigeria, a rapporté l’agence de presse AFP.
  DR Congo Drodro 15   Les milices de l’est de la République démocratique du Congo ont tué au moins 15 personnes lors de trois attaques distinctes, ont déclaré jeudi des responsables locaux, dans le cadre des dernières violences à frapper la région turbulente.
  Somalia Shabelle 20   Al-Shabaab affirme que 20 soldats ont été tués lors de l’attaque d’une base militaire
  India Jammu and Kashmir 7 4+ Le directeur général de la police du Jammu-et-Cachemire, Dilbag Singh, a déclaré jeudi que des infiltrés pakistanais avaient perpétré l’horrible attentat terroriste de Dangri, qui a coûté la vie à sept civils innocents, dont deux enfants, dans le district frontalier de Rajouri, situé sur le territoire de l’Union.
  Syria Daraa   1 Tentative d’assassinat : Des inconnus tirent sur un « collaborateur » des services de sécurité du régime dans la campagne de Daraa.
  Syria Damascus   1 Un commandant du FDN survit à une tentative d’assassinat sur l’autoroute Damas-Al-Suwaidaa
  Syria Aleppo 10 16 Les activistes du SOHR ont documenté la mort de dix combattants des forces du régime et du HTS, et ont documenté les blessures de 16 autres.
  Syria Aleppo 4 19 Près de dix civils ont été blessés lors d’un bombardement par les forces du régime sur une zone civile dans l’ouest de la campagne d’Alep. Les activistes du SOHR ont documenté la mort de quatre membres de HTS, et la blessure de plus de dix autres.
  Syria Aleppo 2 4 Deux membres des forces spéciales de la brigade « Omar Ibn Al-Khattab » du HTS ont été tués et quatre autres ont été blessés lors d’une attaque furtive exécutée par le HTS contre des positions du régime sur la ligne de front du 46e régiment dans la campagne occidentale d’Alep.
  Syria Idlib 1   Un soldat du régime est tué par des tireurs d’élite d' »Al-Fath Al-Mubin » dans la campagne méridionale d’Idlib
  Cameroon   2 4 Deux morts et quatre blessés dans un attentat à la bombe attribué à Boko Haram dans l’Extrême-Nord du pays

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